Canning Vale Education Support Centre Newsletter 13th November 2020

Principal's Message

Jodie Norwell, Principal.

Dear Families,

It is incredible to believe how fast this term is going!

We have been very busy practicing our dance moves and our Christmas songs for the end of year Christmas concert. We are hoping all our families can join us on Friday 11th December at 9am to celebrate the end of the year and farewell our Year 6 graduates in style before the formal graduation on 17th December.

The Year 6 camp was a huge success and our students enjoyed every moment of it! If you haven’t seen already, please go to our Facebook page to see the photos and adventures our Senior students got up to. A huge thank you to Mr Rose, Mrs Pennings, Mrs Shoebridge, Ms Dawson and Mrs Tipene for all their hard work, support and energy on the camp to ensure our students had the best time possible. We are already planning next year’s camp!

I would like to formally acknowledge some staff who are leaving us this year. Ms Pat Ellery has officially retired and we celebrated her 23 years of service in education at a lovely farewell. Mrs Ambiga Sandrakasan has left us to pursue new challenges and Ms Laura Rudrum will be moving to a brand new school opening in 2021 as part of the foundation staff of Brabham Primary School. We wish these wonderful ladies all the very best in their future endeavours.

Don’t forget the P&C will be hosting their Colour Fun Run on 4th December – further details will be coming out from our amazing P&C very shortly. Keep an eye on their Facebook page – Canning Vale Primary School P&C.

Enjoy reading what our classes have been up to lately!

Kind regards, Jodie Norwell, Principal.

AEIIP Classroom News

The Autism Early Intervention Kindy students have been doing remarkably well with extending their fine motor co-ordination using playdough. At the beginning of the year most of the students were only able to do two or three things. Most of the students can now squeeze, roll a sausage, pinch, mould, squash, poke, stretch, pat it flat, roll a ball, plus use a pizza cutter, rolling pin and cookie cutters. They are using these skills to make letters/numbers/shapes/figures on a prepared play mat. Some of the students are also beginning to make 3D objects and with modelling they are using play dough for imaginative play.

The children also enjoyed the opportunity to take the Operation Christmas Child gift boxes up to the office to be collected. Our class made enough donations to make up six boxes. A big thanks to our parents for their generosity. It is lovely that we could work together to offer a smile to some children, who would otherwise have gone without this Christmas. Rochelle Mulder, Teacher.

This is the Pre-Primary student's final week of taking part in discrete trails. From next week onwards the students will be taking part in a Year 1 style classroom. This will help the students transition successfully into Year 1 for next year. They will learn to sit as a group and copy from the white board.

Below is photo of the students taking part in their final work during discrete trails, independent work, reading and writing files. Siobhan Sweeney, Teacher.

B9 Classroom News

As the term progresses, the children are just starting to get into the festive spirit with our Christmas song rehearsals. Given that many of our children have never been involved in practice sessions with other members of our little school community, they have been doing exceptionally well. A big thanks to Laura Rudrum and Kylie Gould for helping to organise this.

The Infinite Limits Dance programe continues to go from strength to strength and the children are thrilled to be participating in these lessons. It is a nice end of week activity which the children all look forward to.

All students are continuing to make good academic progress, with two students standing out, Ekam and Oliver. Their progress has been quite exceptional in most learning areas. All B9 students are to be congratulated for their hard work and the significant progress that they are making.

Many students are making significant advances with their social skills and self-regulation. These areas are just as important, and the progress has been equally significant for all students in B9. The skill improvements range from being able to sit for longer periods of time and maintaining quiet during quiet time to using equipment for its intended purpose.

Bob Beckman, Teacher.

H3 Classroom News

What a great start to Term 4! With the warmer weather upon us, we have taken many opportunities to get outdoors and explore, using all of our senses. From messy play, water fun, cooking, chalk drawing and gardening, we have been using all of these fun activities to extend each child with their goals. It has allowed the students to develop their language skills and given us all a chance to use different describing and action words through the talkers and through sign language.

One of our favourite activities has been using the pumpkin in different ways. Hussein and Rayhan were brave enough to get dirty and scoop out the inside of a pumpkin, leaving the pulp on trays for us all to feel, smell and in a couple of cases - taste! We then used this pumpkin to make muffins. Vinuk has been leading our cooking sessions, reading the instructions for his friends to listen and follow. All the children have used different tools during cooking. Elexis has been outstanding with her abilities to chop, grate and mix different ingredients. We then filled the pumpkin with soil and planted the seeds. Alethial and Ryan were very happy to get their hands dirty and fill the pumpkin! These seeds have already sprouted, so we will have to see what happens by the end of term.

Our visit from Sensorium was very exciting and gave us lots of new experiences, including leaving the planet to explore a new world! All the students were involved in working the mechanics of the spaceship, but it was Miko who engaged in every activity and dressing up with engineer glasses to take on a role of crew member. Once on the planet, we experienced new glowing plants, space worms, slime puddles and new alien creatures. Sayfiyy was very helpful when collecting all the creatures, not letting any escape and this helped us to fix the ship for our journey home!

Week 4 was very tiring, for students and staff, but it was wonderful to see all the children strengthening their water skills and all progressing with their swimming abilities during swimming lessons.

H3 have lots of fun things planned for the rest of Term 4 and we thank you for your continued support.

Rebecca Sullivan and Darran Wilson, Teachers

H4 Classroom News

So it is already half way through the term and what a busy time we have had so far! We had swimming, the Sensorium, Dance and Community Access training. On top of all the fun things we have been working super hard on achieving our IEP goals! Our first Community Access excursion was this week and I have to say – WOW! 7 of the students have never been on Community Access before and it was like they had been doing it forever. A big bravery award goes to Millie and Jordon for conquering their fear of escalators. The students followed all teacher direction and sat beautifully on both the train and bus and waited patiently for them to come. It was great to see Peyton and Blake sitting with their hat and bags on their laps, Sebastian leading the group and Charles staying with the group at all times. Ben was able to call for a lift and Alyda kept left when walking with the class.

Our visit with the Sensorium was amazing. Most of the students were instantly transported to the ship and were eager to go into space and see new worlds. Sebastian loved being a cadet and was singing and engaged for the whole hour. Charles loved exploring the space goop and creating new science experiments and Ben tried the space food!

Finally, swimming – wow again! The kids were very well behaved and loved swimming! Sebastian enjoyed the mat, Blake loved being underwater, Mason loved diving for toys on the bottom of the pool, Alyda tried hard with her floating, Ben and Millie off trying to earn their next certificates and learning Breaststroke!!! Dana Langridge, Teacher.

B1 Classroom News

Wow, what a Camp!! While the rest of the school sweltered in 30 degrees, B1 set off on the adventure of a lifetime down to the balmy Swan River foreshore at Point Walter.

It was a fantastic experience. Our students were exemplary, best of all they slept through the night; some of them being away from home for the first time ever!! There were many standout moments. But even after being tossed in the river while out on the water-ski biscuit, most would have called it a day and opt for the safer option of paddling on the sandbank. Not Scott! Off he went again, full of beans, only to be tossed into the water a second time. What a legend!

James also overcame his fear of the Flying Fox and after much deliberation, he eventually launched himself into the void with a yell and a yahoo. These moments are priceless, they make us glow with pride at the resilience our students demonstrate, not just at camp, but every day. WELL DONE B1. Neil Rose, Teacher.

Christmas Concert Invite