Future Thinking Tata group company initiatives for the youth

Two-third of India's 1.2 billion population is under 35 years, making the country one of the youngest in the world, from a demographic perspective. The economic benefit of having such a large working age population is obvious, which is why it's important to ensure that education, training and upskilling of youth happens in an inclusive manner. This National Youth Day, here's a look at the many successful initiatives of the Tata group of companies that pave the way for a better future; programs to empower and boost the youth of the country.

The Green Rhinos: Youth Nature Leaders Pave the Way for Nature Conservation in the Sunderbans

With the help of Tata Steel Processing and Distribution Limited, groups of adolescent girls in the Sunderbans, called the Green Rhinos, are working hard to assist nature conservation in the area while also learning to be youth nature leaders in the process.

Tata Power's Intervention to Battle Gender Inequality and Empower Young Women Through Sports

Ragini’s story can inspire the spirit of sportsmanship among many more girl children in the fisherman community of Mahul, Mumbai. Watch how Tata Power’s community intervention to battle low gender equality continues to grow and empower young women.

Generating Employment from Ashes: Recycling Fly-ash to Bricks Provides Livelihoods for Youths of Jaharkhand

While addressing the needs of the youth for gainful employment, in the tribal areas of Jharkhand, Tata Power saw an opportunity to turn fly-ash into bricks for construction. With the assistance of Tata Group, self help groups of youth were formed to undertake the business of ash brick as a collective enterprise.

TCS Initiatives to Empower the Workforce of the Future

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be about 4.4 million jobs that require computer science and information technology skills by 2024. Increasing demand for technology professionals is fueled by growth in mobile solutions, cloud computing, connected devices, and big data. Find out more on TCS' GoIT page.

Steps to Success: Tata Motors initiatives to prevent school drop-outs in Mumbai

In India a large number of underprivileged children tend to drop out of school due to lack of coaching and learning aids. To help young students remain in school and complete their education, Tata Motors decided to initiate an intervention in more than 140 municipal secondary schools in Mumbai. Here's their story...

Tata STRIVE - the Tata group's skilling programme - is on a mission to build capacity to train youth for employment, entrepreneurship and community enterprise.

Chasing a million dreams with tata strive

Fuelling the aspirations of the youth across India, Tata group launched a skill building program called Tata STRIVE. A group CSR program, Tata STRIVE draws upon the technological competencies and infrastructure of various Tata group companies, and other partners, with the collective mission of building capacity to train the youth of India.

training the trainer: empowerment coaching for facilitators

Training can skill youth for jobs, but it is good coaching that empowers them to maintain their careers and grow in a fiercely competitive marketplace. Towards this objective, Tata STRIVE has instituted ‘Empowerment Coaching for Facilitators’, a training programme designed to transform trainers into coaches. This unique pedagogy is complemented with next-gen curriculum and an exclusive teaching methodology.

training with a touch of tajness

The hospitality sector currently requires manpower that is equipped with the right skill set. The Hospitality Training Programme, set up by Taj Hotels in partnership with Tata STRIVE, aims to fill this gap and provide the nation's less privileged youth, an opportunity to launch their career in the field of hospitality.


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