Political and economic issues Section 3 chapter 15


Political parties did not not exist in the Rublic of Texas.

Parties were not active in elections for the first few years of the Texas statehood either.

The Democratic Party was ecspecially popular in Texas.

The Democratic Party was so strong in Texas that every governor elected between 1845-1857 was a democrat. :/

The Rebulicans believed that slavery should be banned in all states and territories of the U.S.

Because rebulicans didn't want any slavery in the U.S. The Party had almost no support in Texas or the South.

Then the third part is known as "Known-Nothing Party" they were newcomers and they wanted slavery and wanted to keep immigrants and Catholics out of the government.

Many Texans at that time were recent immigrantsor Catholics or both.

A first few governors of Texas, like the presidents of the Rebuplic, faced issues like public dept and land.

By 1898 there was no unclaimed land in Texas.

The end!


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