3 Moon Mojo Summer 2018 Blockbuster Eclipses

Earth's New Moon lunar aspect at 7:49 PM on July 12th PST is a South Node, partial Solar eclipse in the southern hemisphere: on Friday the 13th in Universal time. A new moon is a seed pod of possibility that will harvest the "germ" of its inward intentions in an outward expression. Serving your best intentions with the practice of ritual libations will support your heart's desire. A South node eclipse is a diamond in the rough expressing unrefined challenges before the rewards are cut and polished from its core. A steady vision is key.

Enter the Void

KittySol: millions of fortunes told

Loki's Brood (1905) by Emil Doepler

It's a testy lunar phase with a crabby, Goat Moon in a standoff to a Mad Cow opposition and it won't end soon. It spurs a contentious battle in a parable of three lessons learned: July 13th Solar eclipse leads to lessons learned from the past. July 27th Full Moon, Lunar eclipse, brings lessons learned in the present. August 11th partial, Solar eclipse is a lesson learned for future reference. Tread the pathway without resistance and give gratitude. Lucky Stars are doubled for extra-bad, or extra-good, from July to mid August 2018.

Your Lucky Stars

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Buddha's 8 Treasures

South Node Partial Solar eclipse: Goat Sun and New Moon July 13th leads to a long-cycle, Lunar Eclipse. This Full Tiger Moon in the southern hemisphere on July 28th unfolds to another Partial Solar eclipse in the Monkey Sun and New Moon on August 11th. Three eclipses with Mercury retrograde in the Monkey middle. A triple, plot twister.

Rat | Sagittarius - North Palace of career luck

Rat | Sagittarius

Rat Lucky Stars: Double 5s Accident Star is the double-trouble of a cautionary tale. The icky-yellow Star (as it is known) describes the luck factor perfectly. This energy can foil best efforts and taint results. Fortune is on your side though as the Lucky Sum of Ten is a silver lining. The metal element and the harmonic grid is a cure for the excess energy. Buckle-up this moon phase is a rocky ride, on a bumpy road.

Planets and Aspects: no planets and aspects at this time.

Ox | Capricorn - Northeast Palace of ancestor luck

Ox | Capricorn

Ox Lucky Stars: Double 3s Fighting Star sets up a family feud of feisty kinship's and the constant, confusion of warring factions. You can't avoid it so get to the bottom of this mess by staying cool and reflective. Charging-off to bet the bushes about your circumstances is not helping anyone. When you are unfettered and unbound by your past then you are free to do the right thing in the now. Resolve it and dissolve it by dealing with it quietly and creatively.

Planets and Aspects: retro Saturn 4 degrees

Surrender. Saturn is a tough taskmaster meting out lessons to micro manage the nether regions, but the rewards for best efforts are many. Avoid complacency and stay poised (prepare) to meet all eventualities.
Part of Fortune on Ascendant Horizon is generally a boon for the cash cow but this cycle brings forces that weigh the measures, differently; for those who take too much and those who get too little, it's a re-calibration of asset management.

Full House on July 13th with the Ascendant and Part of Fortune at 11 degrees and retro Pluto at 20 degrees tugs hard on a taunt opposition in the cards.

Pluto is retrograde which means it is bringing long-term change one grain of sand at a time. It's an agonizing process to build pyramids or to eliminate the dead wood and regenerate new growth. Did I mention it is agonizing? Patience is a virtue.

Tiger | Aquarius - Northeast Palace of patriarch luck

Tiger | Aquarius

Tiger Lucky Stars: Double 3s Fighting Star doubles the drama of outspoken tigers in a fusion of tribes. The illustrious brotherhood of the big feline should heed caution in speaking to boldly or growling to loudly. Get to the root of the concern through quiet reflection and introspection don't just sweep it under the rug. Be the peacemaker, not the muckraker and you'll come out of this wilderness clean and with a new lease on life. Shss-quiet is key.

Planets and Aspects: retrograde Mars at 7 degrees will reach a Zero point by the August 11th.

Mars is at 7 degrees in retrograde motion has Tigers jumping through hoops to accomplish what's already done. Just humor everyone to do it again, rather than growling about it.

July 27th the Tiger Full Moon at 4 degrees drags Anchor at rock bottom of the chart. The lunar lady and the Tiger scrape underside the hull for a close call and a new low.

Monster in the murky waters. Tiger Full moon on July 28th is a South Node Lunar Eclipse. The chart Anchor drags the full moon optics to the bottom of the sea like a ball and chain tethered to revelations buried deep in the bog.

Hare | Pisces - East Palace tree of life and family luck

Hare | Pisces

Hare Lucky Stars: Double Danger Star 7 puts the bunny in the hot seat to eliminate that which no loner serves you. Lighten the load to pick up the pace to serve others. Let-it go, let-it go, let-it go! Streamline and you'll see this arena of space evolves into positively radiant results. Wear safety googles and extra protective gear, bunnies are sensitive beings.

Planets and Aspects: retro Neptune 16 degrees is testing your ability to see past the surface reflections and look deeper into the recesses of your soul. When you can do that the beauty or your true self will astound you to do great things.

Neptunian energy is retrograde for a deep dive into the aura of surface, meanings. Instant allure can be a mirage; stay curious to the psychic underpinnings of self reflections.

Chart Crown for the Hare on August 11th New Moon partial, solar eclipse.

August 11th New Moon Crown brings regal Rabbit rewards

Dragon | Aries - Southeast Palace of abundance

Dragon | Aries

Dragon Lucky Stars: Double 8s Wealth Stars of Infinity luck is a Jackpot of wish fulfillment wrapped in rich, decadent pleasures. This summer you glide on stardust to life's banquet, an and extravaganza and a revolving bazaar of oddities to satisfy your sublime cravings.

Planets and Aspects: retro Chiron at 2 degrees is a new baby dragon that has needs and growing pains. Recognize it's potential holds the promise to expand your horizons and rise up into the stratosphere of your wildest desires. Take care of it and it will take care of you.

Chiron is keeping Dragons busy with the newness of fresh beginnings and the baby steps on a grand pathway to expanding longevity.

Snake | Taurus - Southeast Palace of money luck

Snake | Taurus

Snake Lucky Stars: Double 8s Wealth Star is bonanza luck and unending treasures behind a secret door. The code to the vault and key to the castle is yours. Know who you are and do what you do, and a path will open doors to deliver a jackpot bigger than you ever imagined.

Planets and Aspects: sitting near motionless on the elliptic grid Uranus goes retro on August 11th eclipse tossing a huge wrench in the works. The Snake dredges the lake for pay dirt with the chart anchor on the July 13th eclipse. Serpent strikes it rich when the Part of Fortune at 1 degrees, hits the Lucky Spot on the Tiger Full Moon, July 27th-28th. Carry on.

Uranus is sitting in stillness grinding up cosmic dust to fill the void with diamonds in the rough. Fortune prospects favors the brave.

Horse | Gemini - South Palace of fame luck

Horse | Gemini

Horse Lucky Stars: Double 4s Peach Blossom Star is the social popcorn of culture luck, everyone gobbles it up. Horses ride the rodeo out of the chute and into the center of the summer celebrity like being shot out of a cannon. Just show up and be ready to fly.

Planets and Aspects: none at present.

Goat | Cancer - Southwest Palace of love luck

Goat | Cancer

Goat Lucky Stars: Double 6s Victory Star luck is the maximum opportunity factor to fashion a stream of consciousness to the serenity of your dreams. Trek and you shall find; reach the summit of knowing that you can have what you set your heart upon and be happy you found it.

Planets and Aspects: the Sun and Moon, Partial Solar eclipse July 13th is a stunner that crossed a fault line in hard opposition to the Ox with Pluto, yikes!

July 13th Sun and Moon partial Solar eclipse crosses a fault line

Shifting tides unfurl new insights on a twisted trail to the August 11th partial Solar eclipse where Goats pulls Aces with the Part of Fortune on the Ascendant. How lucky can you get?

The Golden Wheel of fortune

Monkey | Leo - Southwest Palace of relationship luck

Monkey | Leo

Monkey Lucky Stars: Double 6s Victory Star luck is the maximum opportunity factor to succeed! Ford that stream and climb a cliff-side, to get a perspective on the goal posts in front of you. Grasp the mantle of power with a foot in the door. Trek through a forest or swing in the breeze to discover that bliss keeps you company on your way to realizing your dreams.

Planets and Aspects: the Sun enters July 21 for a partial solar eclipse with Sun and Moon on August 11th. Mercury is completely, over complicates this event by going retrograde in the same phase, at the same time. Outcomes are varied so put a positive spin on everything.

Mercury Munch Sande Poe crater

On the Solar eclipse Mercury goes stationary retrograde at 23 degrees for a Jungle fever kind of crazy. This retro period is a bittersweet sentimental journey and a cog in the wheel of commerce. It's more warped than normal. Affecting courts, travel and communication the Monkey sets the tone for ambitious talents, skills to be retooled and reset. I's a game of hide and seek and finders, keepers. Wonky Mercury will be out of phase until August 19th.

Magic Hand

The Node at 5 degrees wears the Crown for the top spot on the July 27th Lunar eclipse capturing a golden ring and accepting your sphere of influence is spreading.

Bird | Virgo - West Palace of talent luck

Bird | Virgo

Bird Lucky Stars: Double 2s is the Star of Illness luck called Sarp Yit, it's a funky chicken. It screams for a cure. The illness star can plaque you with bouts of, this and that, putting birds in the infirmary to get patched up until you recover from these touch-luck stars. The best salve is to bath in green nature and use the harmony plague in the west.

Planets and Aspects: Our Lady Venus sits in the nest until August when it changes station to the Dog just before the New Moon Solar eclipse on August 11th.

Venus is modest and reserved in the Bird giving appreciating beauty in serenity. Our Lady of love expands her reach in the highly, compatible Dog sign for partners and courtships with demonstrations of exuberance.

Bird drops anchor in the chart on the August 11th eclipse with penetrating accounting measures. It pierces a veil to audit a layer of hidden assets in off-book, balances, real or even intangible resources. Unintended consequences muddy the waters to ultimately reveal deeper meanings that you can express and release, to relieve this energy field of anxiety.

Dog | Libra - Northeast Palace of courts and travel luck

Dog | Libra

Dog Lucky Stars: Double 1s bring Miracle, Money and a Love Luck Star gifting doggies with a chance to catch their breath. You need-not try too hard, to keep the good times coming. Luck is in a many splendid thing, everywhere, all the time. Enjoy the best in everything.

Pentagram of Venus, James Ferguson c. 1799

Planets and Aspects: Our Lady of Luck and Luxe, Venus enters the Dog in the 1st week of August just in time to ice on the cake for the New Moon Solar eclipse.

Pig | Scorpio - Northwest Palace of asset luck

Pig | Scorpio

Pig Lucky Stars: Double 1 Star of Miracles, Money and Love luck! Have fun and let the spirit move you to enjoy splendors in the grass.

Planets and Aspects: the Pig gets a Crown at 3 degrees on the July 13th eclipse and lands happily on the Ascendant horizon at 1 degree for the Full Moon, Lunar eclipse on July 27th.

Jupiter completes a 12 year cycle in the Pig at the end of 2018. When the Jovial Giant enters the Rat it begins a new cycle on the zodiac wheel. Jupiter rolls like thunder to keep pigs in plenty of clover. Good fortunes come with extra perks while in the Grand Duke's good graces.

Albrecht Durer c. 1526 Woodcut: Time and a Fox Turning the Wheel of Fortune with People of all Ranks to the Right.

3 Summer, Southern hemisphere eclipses in a row cross over time zones. July 12th and 13th and July 27th and 28th, happen on different days. South node eclipses can be a tale of woe, sometimes with harsh, learning curves and reversals of fortunes.

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