Fractal Project Algebra Juliana S.

For my fractals project I chose to use photography to show fractals in nature. I have always loved photography and I do it all the time, so this seemed like the best option. :) I searched fractals in nature and found that fractals are in other things that you would never expect. Fractals are in fruit! Where? Well let’s take a kiwi for example. When you cut open a kiwi all the seeds and parts that make up the kiwi inside, represent a fractal, as shown in the picture in the picture below.

I wanted to be creative with the pictures, and I knew I had to be in the picture so I wanted to make it fun! :)

I also thought a lemon could be a fractal, and I knew that the little lines inside of the fractal, and the actual lemon peel is a fractal with the help of some dye and creativity. :) I dropped dye on the lemon to show the fractals inside the lemon.

It dyed my fingers a little bit too. ;) I added a little too much dye but when you look close, it's really hard to tell in pictures but it has a fractal look inside of the peel and the insides! It was very cool!

I searched fractals in fruit and also found that a pineapple also has fractals, but on the outside! The pattern on the outside of the pineapple has a reoccurring look that can be a fractal. The outside part of the fractal is called a rind, and it has a fractal pattern.

Pineapple is one of my favorite fruits and I had a lot of sun taking pictures with them, hahaha. ;) If you look on the rind you will see the fractals.

If you also look at the top of a pineapple the leaves on the top have a fractal pattern. I couldn't get a very good picture but in person you can see it very well. I asked my dad to buy some kiwis and a pineapple at the store so I could take pictures of the fractals in them. I did a lot of thinking when it came to where I should take the pictures. I looked around at the nature around me, and saw that the rocks behind me could be a fractal if you look. I set up my camera on the backporch with a timer and I would hit them button then run back and pose. I also looked at what clothes I have that in some way coulee be a fractal. I have a Ben & Jerry Tye-dye shirt that I thought would be good. 1. Because I love Ice cream even though I'm lactose and tolerant. 2. Because I thought the Tye-Dye in the shirt could be a fractal too.

This picture I thought was a good angle to show what I was talking about above.

I am a very creative, funny, and always happy so I wanted that to show in my pictures. These were some of my favorite fruits too so I wanted that to show as well.

I really had fun with this project, and I am very grateful that you gave me this project.
I hope you enjoyed these pictures and this presentation. This made me lighten up on a day where I was very down, and I have had a lot going on lately and been very frustrated.
This is my last picture and I just wanted to say that even if I didn't complete the project the way you wanted I am very sorry but I had a lot of fun. You know my grades and you know they aren't great but I wanted to let you know I haven't ever given up. I am trying my hardest, and I will never give up. :)
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Juliana Smith


Photo credits: ME:)

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