The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt By: Justin Horbacz

The Spatial Experience: When I made my way over to Constantine's theatre, I wasn't really sure what to expect. I had friends that took this course in the fall semester and I knew that they all went to see a play, but that is all I knew about it. I wasn't sure who was in it, what it was about, in fact I didn't even know where the theatre was located. The day of the play started out rough, as I got caught in a thunderstorm on the way there. I arrived 5 minutes before the start and got an asile seat towards the back. I liked the aisle, but I wish that I could've gotten a seat closer to the front. When attending a play, thecloser you are to the set, the more you feel apart of the play. Everyone was talking and all of a sudden, the lights dimmed down and it became absolutely silent. I was excited to finally get to experience this performance, and it was finally startig up. When I attended, the thearter was fairly filled up which told me that this was going to be a good play. Place is a major key when it comes to the Good Life. Place isn't just the location, but it includes other aspects such as the size of the crowd and the type of crowd. For instance, if a crowd as large and rowdy as a gator football game attended the play, it would greatly decrease the pleasure in the experience.

The Scoial Experience: When I attended the play, I went with my roomate Blake. Before the play, we both did our normal morning routines, went to the dining hall to grab lunch, then headed over to the thearter. We did do some research on the play prior to attending, to get a glimpse of what we were going to see. Unfortunately, we didn't find anything online. Attending the play with friends truly enhanced my experience. When I first heard about the play in class, I was nervous about going because I didn't know who I would go with and I didn't want to go on my own. When my roomate and I realized we were both taking the same course, we signed up for the same showing. This really took any nerves I had about attending the play away. Shared experience is extremely important in the experience of the Good Life. There's that famous phrase that says "money can't buy you happiness." In my opinion, the closest any individual will come to finding true happiness and the Good Life is through others. At the end of the day, you can accomplish everything you want, but unless you have someone to enjoy these accomplishments and success with, then you have nothing.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience: This perfromance opened my eyes and helped me view my culture in a whole new way. The time of the story was back during the peak of the industrial revolution and the setting was in Canada. I point out that it was during the industrial revolution because this is when child labor, which is essential to the plot, was at its height. The central issue addressed in the performance was that Sarah Brendhart was being banned by the Catholic Church to perform in the city of Toronto. That was what it seemed like, but the real issue dug much deeper than that. Before attending the play, I really had no idea about what the play was about or any aspects about it for that matter. All I knew about the play was the title, which kind of added to the expereince. Surprise sometimes actual makes an exerience more pleasurable. For instance, this play completely caught me off guard when it basically turned on the audience. In one scene, everyone in the play is exposing each other of how hypocritical they are acting. Every single one of them is contradicting their words with their actions. In the end though, it's revieled that the audience are the true hypocrits. While we all sit in judgement of the child labor going on in the play, we sit in our comfortable seats in shoes and clothes made by children who work way to hard and earn virtually nothing. This really blew me away and made me reevaluate myself and my values. All this time and I had no idea.

The Emotional Experience: Katharsis is the Greek word for catharsis which means coming clean. This play creates a possibility to cleanse ourselves and to become clean. We can do this in two ways. One way is to stop promoting brands or products that have unlawful methods of production. This would be something like if I were to stop wearing Nike sneakers. If you're against things like child labor, then you should also be against companies that exploit young kids and work them crazy hard for minimal money. The other thing you can do is stop being hypocritical. If you believe in one thing, don't act another way. The Good Life is all about being true to yourself and being who you want to be. If society didn't exist, this is how it would be. But we live in a world where we conform and act like others so that we can fit in and won't be outcasted. If you want to live the Good Life, stick to your beliefs, act upon them, and don't let anyone alter your opinions or actions. Be true to yourself.

Me at the play

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