Week 2: Reflective Journal Shamika Ford

As a higher education professional, historically black colleges and tribal institutions still play a major role in fulfilling the unique needs of minority students. Dr. Rochen adequately details the role and need of minority serving institutions for students of color. The Role of HBCUs in Achieving Equity in Higher Education posed a lot of great questions to viewers. One question that stood out to me was “Are HBCUs still necessary...”(Rochen, 2012). This caused me to reflect on a recent experience at the primarily white institution (PWI) where I serve as a Residence Coordinator. My institution does not have a black student union or any social group exclusive to its African American students. When the idea was proposed to institutional leadership by staff and students, they were encouraged to join the already established multi-cultural group. The idea was rejected on the grounds that the needs of African American students on campus could be fulfilled within the already established multicultural group. Dr. Rochen’s attested to the care and nurturing provided to African American students at HBCUs. In order to establish an environment similar to that of an HBCU, students at PWIs require services exclusively for them to emulate that care.

After learning more about Leech Lake Tribal’s approach to engaging students, I would like to advance my research on the benefits of a holistic curriculum. Dr. Nassism in A Holistic Approach to Helping Minority Students Succeed in College, emphasizes the importance of addressing the holistic needs of minority students in order to close the achievement between minority students and the racial majority. “Based on this research, the university developed a successful approach for retaining minority students by identifying and addressing multiple risk factors holistically” (Nassim, 2016). Minority students are more likely to persist when their holistic needs are fulfilled.

As the “perfect storm” is brewing within the U.S., I am interested to see how the current political state will affect the higher education. As a student that went through college during the Recession, I can attest to obstacles I faced during that time. How can will institutions aid students? How will my institutions aid students? How will I aid students?

Nassim,S. (2016, August 17). A Holistic Approach to Helping MinorityStudents Succeed in College. Retrieved January 25, 2017, from http://www.collaborativeri.org/research/a-holistic-approach-to-helping- minority-students-succeed-in-college


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