Social media And Body Image Slash SLINGING slasher

People eat a lot of food making people fat like me this girl on Instagram posted a photo of a positive body image and got banned i feel bad for her
Instagram apologized and un-banned her so she live happily ever after. :)
I eat a lot of food because i'm fat otherwise i wouldn't.
Most Overweight people refuse to eat vegetables and fruits but i'm fruity so i eat fruits to make myself fruitier.
Most obese people refuse to exercise because the think it's too tough to run or like anything.
Otherwise this is over and here's another photo of food that I wish I could afford but i'm broke.
Sources: Gale. "Plus-size teen posts positive body image photo, Instagram cancels account." UPI NewsTrack, 16 July 2014. Research in Context, Accessed 17 Nov. 2016. Jimerson, M.N. Childhood Obesity. Farmington Hills, Gale, 2009.


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