The Journey of Questions exploring the big questions that are changing the world

Why do we need Big Questions?

The world is alive with vibrant questions. Some of these questions are big enough to shape revolutions, alter staid paradigms, and introduce emerging worldviews. The most influential responses to these questions are shaped by seeing each question as a potential journey of unknowable, liberating potential above all else.

What is the Human Being?

We will need some text here. Central themes will include the question of the soul (STM and THRS), human interiority (psychology), and the rise of consciousness toward A.I. (artificial intelligence) from neuroscience (CSE)

What is a technocratic society as a new age?

We will need some text here. Central themes will include an introduction to the technocratic society and the digital culture for the 21st century, the transformation of social well-being from sociology, the breakthroughs in emerging technology from engineering, and overcoming the uneven distribution of access to these technologies [i.e., micro-lending], from Business.

Why does understanding our place in the universe matter?

We will need some text here. Central themes will include how human beings have made sense of the world around us (i.e., cosmology) through literature, poetry and music (CAS), the paradigm shift from a three-tiered universe to new discoveries in astrophysics, astronomy, the earth sciences and oceanography.

Why do we suffer and what must we do to end it?

We will need some text here. Central themes will include cross-cultural perspectives on suffering (religion, philosophy, literature, new ways at looking at systemic cruelty, and breakthroughs in the medical sciences *[immunotherapy in cancer treatments, extending life-spans and end-of-life care etc.] from the college of Nursing

What are Justice and Reconciliation in an unjust world?

Will need some text here. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Nulla id arcu. Pellentesque placerat blandit odio. Duis sit amet velit. Nam urna risus, lobortis sed, porttitor interdum, facilisis in, massa. Nullam malesuada. Ut semper, ipsum sed porta ultrices, augue metus venenatis lorem, non luctus orci orci ac neque. Pellentesque lacus. Praesent hendrerit, enim ut ornare vestibulum, sem arcu tincidunt velit, quis condimentum nulla libero vehicula mi.


We will need some text here. (My memory of this week is that this is the one where people - activists, leaders, etc. - are invited in and students can meet with them. Or if they don't actually come in they are open to talking to students. The idea is to draw expertise and ideas for moving into the next weeks where they come up with a plan for addressing issues.)

Transformation & Resilience

We will need some text here. (These are the two weeks where students retreat - individually or in groups - to work on their proposals and presentations. I'm assuming they give each other feedback along the way.)

The Return

We will need some text here. (This is the week where students present their ideas. Community leaders are invited in as is the rest of the university community.)

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