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Guatemala is in the Northern and the Western Hemisphere. There are 4 countries bordering Guatemala: Mexico to the North, Belize to the East, El Salvador to the South, and Honduras to the Southeast. The capital city of Guatemala is Guatemala City at 15°N, 91°W.

North America
Guatemala city



Guatemala is in the tropical zone were it is warm year round. The tropical zone is in between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn. Volcan-Tajumuico is the tallest mountain in central America standing at 13,845 ft. Volcan-Tajumuico produces a lot of oil and has giant evergreen forests.

The five largest cities in Guatemala are: 1. Guatemala City ( 994,938 people). 2. Mixco ( 688,124 people). 3. Villa Nueva ( 406,830 people). 4. Quetzaltenango ( 145,634 people). 5. Petapa ( 141,455 people)

Huehuetenango ( night time )


Guatemala has a population of 15.9 million people and has 67th highest population in the world. This is a medium population in the world. There is 385 people per square mile which is very crowded. They have a very fast growth rate at 2.58% per year. They also have a fertility rate of 2.99.

population density

Guatemala is a urban country with very tight cities. There are about two people each year that leave Guatemala permanently, which does not seem like a lot but it really is.


Guatemala is a developing country. There are very few people connected to the internet and there GDP per capita is 5,300 U.S dollars. ( GDP per capita is the average amount of money someone earns) Even though this number is low there can still be some pretty rich people in Guatemala while there are also very poor people. Only 75% of the people in Guatemala are educated and there life span is only 71.74 years. Since there life expectancy is so low, this probably means they don't have good doctors.


Guatemala's soccer team

Guatemala has won two championships, the Concacaf in 1967 and the uncaf in 2001. there best player right now is Wilmer Garcia.

The main religon is Roman Catholic. Guatemala's main languages are Spanish and Quiche.

this picture of food is a normal meal!

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