Barack Obama the 44 president

Barack Obama childhood years

Barack Obama was born August 4, 1961, lived in Honolulu, Hawaii. Barry and his Mother went to live in Indonesia in 1967 when Barry was six years old.Barry Mother was important to him because Barry mother took care of him.

Barack Obama is important Because Barack Obama was the 44 President and Barack Obama grew up to be a senator. Barry Father left and Barry Father ad Mother Marrige ended after Barry Father finished college.

Barack Obama interesting facts and Accomplishments

Barack Obama family

Barry became the 44 president and Barry grew up to be a senator.Barry mother was white and his father was black.When Barack returned from Africa,he went to Harvard Law School near Boston.He graduated in 1991 with the highest honors.In 1992 Barry married Michelle Robinson.

Words of Advice

Barack Obama in Africa

Even tho Barry father left Barry still grew up to be a successful person.In 1988, Barack traveled to Kenya There he met his grandmother, Sarah Hussein Obama.

Barack Obama own words

Barack Obama

If your walking down the right path and your willing to keep walking eventually you will make progress.

How Barack Obama influenced others

Barack Obama

Barry wanted to tell others that if someone in your life that you love goes away it does not matter just focus on being successful.

Barack Obama election

This is Barack Obama election chart this is the reason he became the 44 president.

Feinstein, Stephen. Barack Obama. Berkeley Heights, NJ: Enslow, 2008. Print.

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