Cotton Gin Connor gauldin

What is my advancement?- The cotton gin is my advancement and it was invented In 1793 it was invented by Eli Whitney who graduated from Yale but stayed at a plantation and invented the cotton gin in a secret workshop. The purpose of it was to be able to speed up the process of picking the seeds out of cotton. Whereas before they had to pick cotton with there own hands . This effected society by there being a lot of clothes more available.

Pros and Cons

Pros of the cotton gin- Clothes became cheaper - People could get a lot of clothes without having to make them - Cotton became a major trading good in the south - Cotton could be picked much faster rate - Boosted the US economy - Lead to many other agriculture inventions.

Cons of the cotton gin- Slavery expanded quicker - Slaves had to work longer hours - Soil began to lose its nutrients.

Cotton Gin Peel Paragraph

Did it help or hurt society- I think the cotton gin had a positive Impact impact on human society, and this is why. Cotton became easier to pick so it became a lot more readily available. Which means that people could buy clothes at a cheaper and faster rate so there was a lot more clothes for people to sell. The increase in the sale of cotton had a huge increase on the US economy and became a new major trading good in the south. That's good because that means the US got more money which could be used to help with anything they needed it for which in return would help the people.Because cotton became cheaper, more available, and boosted the US economy, I think it had a good impact on society.

Sources- Crystal Flores - Teaching History - Constitution Center

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