How does the interior color affect the temperature of a car? By: gracie hanson

Every year children and pets die in hot cars. I wanted to test and see if the car interior color had an affect on the car heating. The colors will be beige, brown, and black.

For my hypothesis I think the darker of the car interior the quicker the air temperature will rise

for my prodcedure I first set three same make and model in the sun in 62 degree weather. Then i ask three people for help. I put one thermometer in each car and shut the doors to each car at the same time. After 10 minutes I checked the thermometers. Then I took out the thermometer and allowed them to just to the outside temperature. I repeated this process three times.

My results were very surprising. The beige had an average of 71.6 F with an increase of 11.0 F from 62 F. The browns average was 72.5 F with an increase of 11.8 F from 62 F. The black had an average of 75.7 F with an increase of 15.0 F.

My hypothesis was correct darker material absorbed the most heat. Therefore, the interior color of the car has a big effect on how it heats up.

Next time if i were to do this project again i would do it in the summer to see the heat difference. Also I advice that if you have a car with dark interior and a child/pet to double check that you have them with you or just don't buy a car with dark interior.


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