The World According To Kate V


Globalization is making the world weaker
Everest is not worth the risk.


What makes a good citizen?

A good citizen has rights and responsibilities that they should respect and follow. A right is something someone is entitled to, a responsibility is something someone should do. An example of a right and responsibility is people have the right to food rights are often followed by responsibilities, a responsibility that might follow the right to have food is cleaning up your plate and other utensils after having food. A good citizen is encouraged to vote. A citizen has the right to vote. They get to vote for the a president, they can speak their minds on what they believe what a president should do. To be able to speak your mind is a right. A good citizen should stay informed so they will know what president is elected. That is what a good citizen should be doing.

This is the American Flag

What is goverment and why is it necessary?

What is government and why is it necessary? Government is a system that controls a country, it is necessary because if we didn't have it, there would be chaos and people would not feel safe. If we didn't have government, it would be an anarchy, and there would be no rule of law or constitution. Everyone would not be following the laws and no one would have any rights or privileges. People would just do whatever they wanted and there would be no order. In an anarchy, there is no government so people do not feel safe.Since there are no laws to follow, it means that people do not have to respect other people and no one is there to protect the weaker ones or minority. Government provides order, laws, and safety for a community and it is a necessary part of life.

This is anarchy where there is no order and everyone does whatever they want.

What forces work for and against supranational cooperation among nations?

What forces work for and against supranational cooperation among nations? In the supranational cooperation of the EU, there are certain things that can pull together or divide the nations. An example of this is a centripetal force bringing EU countries together is how each country is represented in the Parliament of the supranational government. Every EU country gets a say in what the EU wants to accomplish. The EU has meetings and everyone gets to talk about their country and what is wrong and right about the country. A centrifuge force is the beliefs and culture because everyone has different beliefs and culture. This is centrifuge because if everyone has different beliefs and cultures it is hard to make good decisions because you have to respect what people believe. In conclusion, there are many forces that work for and against supranational cooperation in the European Union.

This is the EU flag.

How do people adapt to living in a desert region?

How do people adapt to living in a desert region? There are many ways that you have to adapt to living in a desert region but two very important ones are, wearing appropriate clothing and using the resources of an oasis. People adapt to living in a desert region by wearing the appropriate clothing. Since the climate is so sandy, windy and hot people have to wear the appropriate clothing for that climate. People that live in the Sahara have to wear clothing that covers their entire body. By protecting their entire body with loose clothes they don't get sandy because the clothes protect. The long clothing acts like a windbreak for people. People also have to wear loose clothing so the air can cool them down from the sun. Another way people that adapt to living in a desert climate is finding oasis for water and food. People that live in a desert have very little access to food and water. When people find an oasis they have access to water and food. The oasis is a great place to trade food that you can't find when you are traveling in the desert. People that live in deserts are always in a drought so an oasis slows them to get water. Wearing appropriate clothing and using resources at an oasis are two important ways in which people adapt to the environment of the desert.

This is a desert climate

How might having a valuable resource affect a region?

How might having a valuable resource affect a region? Having a valuable resource in a region can affect, the jobs people have and the money you have. In southwest Asia they use a lot of nonrenewable resources such as oil and natural gas. Having valuable resources can affect the job you have. Since there are valuable resources, there will be more jobs. For example if oil is the valuable resource there will be many jobs related to oil to keep the country rich in it to make more money. The money in the region will also be affected if there is a valuable resource. Countries will higher the price if everyone wants the valuable resource they have. When country's higher the price they get more money. If not a lot of people want the resource they will lower the price to make more people want to but it. HDI looks at how much money countries have. HDI will look at the country's GDP, their life expectancy and their education. By looking at all of those things they will determine how wealthy the country is. By having a valuable resource such as oil or natural gas is a major way that many countries make a living and gain wealth and to have better jobs.

Oil factory in Southwest and central Asia


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