Reflective Log Journal 3 By shawn maiden

Me and Thomas had discussed about what we had done, what we needed to do better and what we have to do for the week. We also discussed about who we talked with; and how to solve our problems.

I had gained information for the game and to gain more ideas, such as the character being a reincarnation of the goddess Gaia. Thomas had agreed to this and it makes more sense about the game because Gaia is the being of the earth

Thomas has started to do some research while i will do some stuff like seeing how the boss would look, etc.

I had created ideas of the game, like what it would evolved into in the future. These ideas expand from, weapons, to character himself, to the style of attacks.

Thursday, i had created a mood board for Fantasy Games. This was to support the idea of my game through the use of other games; while as showing the view of my game and supporting the decisions me and Thomas have made by context of these games.

Games that support the creation of our prototype.

Friday, we had been given our feedback and we have seen what we have done wrong, so we plan to get better at these things in the future, while as we have seen what we also have done right so we can feel at ease a bit with the work.

We have updated our Ideas and Research for our prototype while as David has explained that we need to do something about explaining the story because it is in depth, so we now need to find a way to fit our story all together.

I didn't like one thing about the story, and it is how we need to add everything onto the game as it will take time to do so. While as its how are we supposed to do it? In the logic of what way shape or form should we implement it onto the game. That is a big problem I hope to change within the weeks to come.

I have done most of the work this week just by researching for answers and adding things together to make a better story line while as trying to create the easiest route for me and Thomas so we wouldn't need to overload on work.

How - By researching for many different things while as discussing with Thomas

When - All though out this week, me and Thomas have been discussing god's and goddesses and ideas we have came up with.

Why - Because we needed to update the ideas we had to make a more interesting story line while as making the work for us easier.

What I would have liked to change within the mood board would have been to have added a lot more writing. Due to the fact that there was a bunch more writing I could have added to it to make the reader understand what I, the writer was trying to imply.

I did not like how there was more writing I could have added, this made me feel slightly discomfort with the work within the future. Hopefully this Is fixed within time to come.

I feel alright about this week, just slightly discomfort about the work and with the time we have left to do it, however It's not a bad thing I feel this way, just shows I want a good grade.

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