Bullying By:Charlotte king

There are many different kinds of bullying and they all effect people in different ways. Some types of bullying are cyberbullying, harassment, gossip and insults.
Bystander is the book that I read for the book club. It tells the story of Eric, a new kid. At first Eric is the bystander in the bullying situation until his situation is switched with the victim and Eric becomes the bullied student.
Cyber Bullying is one of the most problematic forms of bullying today.
Another large portion of bullying is unspecified which means that a lot of kids don't talk about. It scares them and they do not want to be the cause any more drama or trouble. However, when you combine cyber bullying and general bullying it makes up about 35.9% of bullying.
Bullying effects many aspects of peoples lives. It could effect the victims school grades, confidence, self-worth and their social lives. Bullying can lead to many dangerous ways for victims decide to deal with it. Almost 50% of victims don't admit to be being bullied and are suffering on the inside.


BULLY- "a person that uses strength or power to harm or intimidate those who are weaker."

VICTIM-"a person harmed,injured,or killed as a result of a crime,accident, or other event or action.

BYSTANDER-"a person who is present in an event or incident but does not take part".

Even famous people were bullied before they became famous and used music to help they through it.

There is something very sad that happens to a lot of teens when someone is being severely bullied. They contemplate their lives and may consider hurting themselves because of the depression. This is a very serious topic that I do not think is addressed enough.


-Talk to a adult for parent

-Speak up

-Don't be a bystander

- And always remember that if someone is bullying you, then they have more problems and anger bottled up inside them. They feel they need to take it out on someone else (if you ever feel like that try a stuffed animal, pillow or your goldfish.)

These are the two boys of Bars and Melody Leondre Devries and Charlie Lenehan. They were both bullied in school and used music as an escape route.




Learning information from different perspectives helps me understand how everyone does something different or says something different, this is very true when it comes to investing bullying.

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