Spring Break:2017 By madison rand

Welcome to my photo journey! Here, is the entrance of Disney World, where the photos will lead you next! But this is not the only place I went during Spring Break, I also went to Key West! Scroll to see more!

My brother, meeting Alice from Alice and Wonderland and my brother meeting Tiger from Winnie and the Pooh during a Disney breakfast!
This is a picture, I took of my brother and my mom parasailing in the air in the Keys!
First, we have another picture of my mom and my brother parasailing. My dad is holding up his hands while I take a picture. Also one of of my favorite shots.second shot is out of my hotel room in the keys. Such a pretty view at the edge of the balcony. The last one is a picture of the pond before you enter Disney world.
This is my favorite photograph out of all of the, because I never thought I could take a photo like this and it was cool once I realized I did.
What a great vacation and perfect spring break!

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