THE GREAT M9.2 By:Dante Callejas

Kids were swallowed whole on the day the Great M9.2 happened. The Great M9.2 happened in Prince Williams Sound. The Great M9.2 was the biggest earthquake in america.This earthquake happened on March 27, 1964 at 5:36 pm. The Great M9.2 rumbled the ground with a outstanding 9.2 on the Richter magnitude scale. It is quintessential to know why this happened and how this affected the people/earth

To start off the essay, what was the reason/cause of this earthquake and why did it happen? Prince Williams Sound is located on the boundary of the Pacific and North American plate, since the earthquake happened on a convergent boundary an earthquake like this could happen on other convergent boundaries. This earthquake happened because the Pacific plate went under the North American plate. This caused the ground to shake viciously. The earthquake then caused the ground to crack. Also, the earthquake caused landslides and generate a tsunami.

One question, people ask is how did The Great M9.2 affected the earth. The Great 9.2 affected the earth in many ways. It cracked the earth's surface leaving the roads all messed up. In addition to the cracks at the earth's surface The Great M9.2 left a aftershock of 250 miles wide and felt 800 kilometers away. This all lead to loss of food, lumber, oil, and water.

Another question, people ask is what effects did The Great M9.2 have on people. The Great M9.2 had devastating effects on people. It killed 131 people, destroyed homes, and crushed roads. Although, The Great M9.2 had a lot of tragedies it had some good effects. Now scientists can predict when an earthquake might happen. They can predict earthquakes by plate movement and history of earthquakes in the area.

After the Great M9.2 people of America learned that big earthquakes can happen. They realized that if they lived in a place where earthquakes occur regularly they would need to know the risk of what can happen. Also, the people need to make their homes safer to adapt to the area.

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