Why Don't Preservative Foods Preserve You? by: Aryn Bagley

Companies like to add coloring to make food more appealing to kids, they add flavoring, sugar, and sugar replacements to make food taste better, and they add chemicals and pesticides to make food last longer and to keep bugs from eating it.

There is food dye in so many foods, probably one of the most common dyes, is called yellow#5. This food dye has been linked to chromosomal damage, aggression, lymphomas,asthma,insomnia, allergies, hyperactivity, thyroid tumors, and has had neurochemicals affects, this is just one of the many food dyes we eat every day.

Who doesn't love doughnuts and ice cream, cookies and cake, unfortunately most of the time these things have refined sugar or synthetic sweeteners like aspartame. Natural sugars are better for you and can even be good for you in moderation, though its really hard to eat sugar in moderation.

Organic farmers avoid using artificial fertilizers and soil,and using chemicals such as pesticides and insecticides.

Organic, local foods don't have food coloring, don't have artificial sweeteners, and don't have harmful chemicals.


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