You'll find here all you need to know about being a guest expert & presenting online for the Adobe Education Exchange.

Our guest experts are predominantly from the world of digital design, technology and the creative universe. From animators to games developers, photographers to designers.

Purpose. Your role is to bring validity and expertise to the class. In a perfect classroom we would like our teaching to be reinforced by someone from industry who can support what students are learning by adding a "real" connection to work and life that we believe only someone like you can bring. The courses you are about to present on are aimed at giving the course participants an insight to your line of work, an understanding of what your work looks like, how it is produced and what inspires you.

Some of our guests experts

Audience. The courses are entirely online, free and open with the majority of our participants teachers and educationalists. This means that you become their connection with industry. This is extremely powerful as it gives them a route into the design world that they can take directly back to the classroom. It also empowers teachers to feel relevant and connected.

How? Our courses blend online content with live weekly online classes. We aim to create a learning community as opposed to simply delivering learning content. The guest expert is the vital element that the web makes possible that is not possible in most classroom situations. You are probably more important than you thought.

An example of the Adobe Connect virtual classroom and guest experts presentation.

Click here for our full guide for getting set up and ready for the live class in Connect:

Your Presentation

What do I present? We would like you to create a short presentation, preferably a Powerpoint or a PDF that visualises your presentation. If you want to share video we can do that too. We need your content at least 48 hours before the class so we have time to upload into the Connect room. You might prefer to screen share, which is the best way to show video in Connect.

In terms of the content of your presentation we really want you to communicate three key themes: What you do, What you make and why you do it. The image below suggest how you might compose presentation.

suggested presentation format

Click below to get the full PDF of the "Guest Expert" suggested presentation format:

How long is the presentation? It's very short. Only ten minutes with an extra five minutes for Q &A to tell your life story! It is impossible to cover everything in detail in only ten minutes. The class is usually fun with students signing up because they have a passion for this subject, so we are trying to inspire as well as inform.

Wear headphones to reduce echo

Final thoughts: Check in 20 mins before the class starts for a quick AV check and so we can show you the ropes. Wear headphones or ear buds to reduce feedback and echo and try to give your presentation first and answer questions after, it is quite hard to speak to your computer, present your life work and read questions from the participants all at once.

The Connect meeting room you will be in looks a bit like this...

Guest expert check list

Adobe Education Exchange courses Connect room is below


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"I have found the information and skills I gained in these courses to be invaluable. The resources are wonderful to share with my students and introduce them to Adobe in a meaningful way". June 2018 Participant testimonial.
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