Napoleon's Three Mistakes by Rylee and Anahi

The Continental System

After the loss of the battle at Trafalgar in 1805 Napoleon realized he needed to defeat Britain so his empire could be secure. The Continental System was his plan to defeat them. His plan began in 1806 with Napoleons Berlin Decree. That banned all of British's ships from entering the European ports. British tried to get back at the Europeans by creating a blockade that prevented the enemies from sailing on "Britian's" ocean. One of the major goals of this system was to improve Europe's economy and make it easier to trade. This was a big mistake because it ended up backfiring on Napoleon. The Europeans focusing on only their country, gave Britain an opportunity to fight France. That caused Spain to rebel against French rule. The Europeans were also being starved of British goods due to the blockade the Britain's decided to create

The Peninsular Campaign

The Peninsular Campaign was a war that lasted from 1807-1814. This was a military conflict between Napoleons empire and the powers of Spain, Britain and Portugal for the control of the Iberian Peninsula. Napoleon failed during this war because everyone started rising up against him. He lost 300,000 of his troops due to the Spanish attacking them on their way to Portugal. On top of this, many of the countries that Napoleon ran started questioning their commitment to France.

Invasion of Russia

Napoleon decided to make the mistake of leading his army over the Nieman River into Russia. The army was almost completely wiped out within sixth months by cold weather, food shortages, disease and Russian assaults. Napoleon was forced into exile shortly after that. The Russians defeated the French by retreating and practicing scorched- Earth policy. BY the end of the war, Napoleon only had 10,000 soldiers remaining. This was pretty much the beginning of Napoleons end.

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