My Boat Density and BUOYANCY Project

To make my boat float I use somthing called boyancy and stability. Buoyancy is the weight of water displaced by an object. By making the boat boyant, it will help it float. To make the boat boyant, the boat must be lighter than water. Stability is the fact that an object stays stable or in control. I make a stable boat by adding two pontoons on each side to "catch" the boat from falling over. By using a triangular hull, the chance of the boat just rolling over is decreased. I also distribute the weight on both sides, the "captians deck" in the back and the "water breaker" in the front. These aren't just for looks but for a even weight on my boat. To make the boat buoyant it must be light, so by hallowing out my triangular hull and pontoons, this will make boat lighter and more buoyant.

Tinkercad blueprint
Printed boat

With the information from the table above you can see that the weight of the boat is less than the weight of the boyant force, therefore, the boat floats. When I tested my boat it could hold three coins and resist a few waves but after about 4 waves it sunk. If I could reprint my boat I would do a better job on the blue print because the pontoons and hull were hollowed out a bit too much. What I mean is the printer had made some holes causing water to fill up and sink the boat after a few waves. I would also make the storage compartment taller to hold more cargo (coins). These are the weaknesses in my boat so that is why I would like to reprint it. But overall I think the boat was pretty good because of the amount of weight it held and the amount of waves it resited.

Finally I really enjyed the project, it was a new and great expirience. Thanks for viewing.

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