P211.T45: The Secret Book sTACEY sLICE

Clemson is full of so many fun inside secrets that many students don't even know about. I had no idea there was such a thing as a secret book until today. I had never heard anyone talk about it, so it makes me wonder how many people actually know about it.

The call number and rotunda

Finding the P211.T45 call number location was the hardest part for sure. Thankfully, a friend knew where it was and gave a clue. The rotunda that the call number is located in has such a mysterious feeling. It makes me wonder why this is even here and what it means. If I had to guess, I would think that it is a capsule that opens up and every other book from the past is down below this circle and kept safe.

After finding the call number, I went to the front desk of the library and asked for it. The librarian got it for me and gave me a pen to write in it with. Each person who checks it out has 2 hours to do with it what they will and then return it. I was surprised to see that it was dated "2016/2017" like there is a new one each year. I assumed that it would be one big book from when this tradition has originally began.

The Secret Book

The "secret book" is really a signature book that people write whatever they want in. Some just sign their name, while others write stories, riddles, or draw pictures. It was really cool to get to see what other people wrote. One thing that someone wrote was about how to find the secret and iconic locations around Clemson, which I think really gave the secret book a mysterious feel and meaning. It felt like not just a book of signatures, but more like a book of secrets!

My roommate and I with the secret book

Everyone says that "there's something in these hills" and they couldn't be more right. Clemson is such an amazing school, and the secret book helps prove that. Only the coolest and best of schools would have a secret book that people write whatever they want in for future students to read. Not only that, but there are many other "secret" things around Clemson that are only known about through here-say. I love this about Clemson, it's like only the people that go here get to experience the fullness and all the secrets. I would really like to know when this secret book tradition started and who started it. It would be so cool to be able to look in the very first secret book and see what it holds. Finding this book has left me with so many questions, that maybe one day will be solved.

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