UltraFiltration / Reverse Osmosis MPW introduces the industry's first combined ultrafiltration/reverse osmosis mobile trailer (UFRO).

MPW’s Mobile UF/Multi-Pass 300 RO Combination System provides dual functionality. The UF System removes TSS, organics, iron, manganese and other contaminants from a variety of water sources. The UF System comes fully automated with continuous monitoring instrumentation to ensure optimal operation. Meanwhile, the RO system removes dissolved solids, total organic carbon (TOC) and other colloidal contaminants. This setup is operable in single-pass mode with 300 GPM nominal flow rate or double-pass mode with 250 GPM nominal flow rate.

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Another key benefit is the fact the combined ultrafiltration-reverse osmosis trailers require less space than separate systems. That's a key consideration whenever a customer is conducting maintenance or repairing their onsite water purification systems. Space is often at a premium with so many other contractors working in the same space at the same time.

The ultrafiltration portion of the system removes total suspended solids, organics, iron, manganese and other contaminants. With two racks and an on-board filtrate tank, the ultrafiltration system provides continuous production even during automated onboard, clean-in-place operations. This means less downtime and greater productivity.

Transportation costs are cut in half because we only need to make one trip to the customer's plant site instead of two. In addition, customers need only one power feed. Less plumbing and electrical wiring are required because we integrate the two systems at our plant. That saves a considerable amount of time during the setup process.

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