Krusty Krab Raid 7

Rough Start

Even though Raid 7 is the last Raid, it was not the easiest. Personally I always have trouble starting big projects because I never know where to start. For this project there was such a wide range of options to choose from, that I almost couldn't pick. I started thinking about doing the Christ the Redeemer statue first. Then I remembered I don't know how to make curved surfaces in Minecraft. I decided to go on a more animated path.


Futurama is a show that I love. I could rewatch the episodes and still laugh. In the show, they have a spaceship for their company. I thought this would be cool, so why not. It turned out that this ship had to be massive in Minecraft. I googled the interior and there were floor plans for 3 level. I wasn't too intimidated, since my previous pirate ship had 3 level too. This was different. I actually completed the first level of the spaceship. Thats when I realized this ship would take waaaaay to long, especially with no video aid, and few details.

Krusty Krab

With the Futurama ship idea scrapped, I thought smaller. Everyone loves Spongebob, so why not pay a homage to him. Since I wasted a week with the Futurama ship, I search and located a tutorial video for the Krusty Krab. Thankfully the video included how to build the outside and a detailed interior. I had to top my pirate ship, so I tried to include everything.

Big Idea: Fail 1

Since Spongebob takes place underwater, I thought it would be cool to build the Krusty Krab underwater. I wasted a whole day with this concept. I could not go through with this idea for several reasons: 1) its dark under water, 2) I moved too slow underwater, 3) I was just confused. In my world, I had several islands, so i just decided to build on one of those and keep it moving. The closest island was realative small, so my first task was to make it larger.

Original size New size (27x30)

Once the island was made, I the base outlines, and room compartments. the arches were a little confusing, seeing as the followed a strict pattern.

Next came the flooring. The flooring followed a certain pattern as well. I placed the lime green clay in the pattern below, then filled int he spaces with glowstone. This allowed the interior to be lit without obvious lighting. I then covered the glowstone with green carpet.

For the dining space I made 2 tables and Squidwards order boat. Some of the materials used were:red&yellow carpet, string, dark oak slabs, white stairs. I think the use of a stone stair as a cash register was a cool touch.

In the bathroom, I made 3 toilets out of a trap door and stone stair case. There is also a cauldron filled with water to represent a sink. I followed the same flooring pattern in there too.

In the kitchen, there is a stove, condiment area, file cabinet, deep fryer and shelves. In the tutorial video, the creator showed me how to make a working stove (and previously working chairs in the dining space), but I felt no need to do this sense my world is only for show.

In Mr. Krabs office, there are the basics: chairs, desk, and money vault. Towards the bottom left of the picture is actually a frame of a gold bar.

One the inside was complete, I connected the roof and the sides. Pretty simple. The top of the roof is a little messed up. I think i put the "wind direction" tool on the wrong side.

In the front of the building I placed the flags. It looks better on a sunny day in Minecraft

On the inside of the building I added more lighting up top, and the order menu. There are actually items and their prices displayed

Reflection/ Failures

Overall, this was a fun project. I never realized how many details there were in the Krusty Krab. I liked all the cool small details. I did not like the size of the project. It literally took me all day Saturday to complete it. I wish I didn't burned myself out trying to complete it in one day. I was so tired of Minecraft, that I couldn't put a sign, parking lot, or the dumpster behind. I also messed up on the rafting and lighting on the inside.


Created with images by bobo615 - "Krusty Krab"

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