Once upon a time there was a mom.... As Moms Rise We All Rise

Every mother has her own personal story and Rising Moms is a safe haven for that personal story to land. Rising Moms was birthed from Nikki Burrus' personal experience of needing a place of confidentiality to shake off the cares of being a mom and strength to complete all that was set before her.
Rising Moms is a new innovated personal development group that inspires, transforms, motivates, activates, and supports another mom in some small way that gets her through to the next Chapter in her own story.
Let's start now. Let's share our stories. And soon we won't need to use our stories to change the world...our stories will change to reflect a different world.
There are places who didn’t even HAVE the wheel...but you know what they did have? Stories. A mother whispering into a child’s ear telling her she could be anything she wanted to be and comforting a restless infant while singing to him songs of glory.
We read to our children every night stories of daring bravery and daunting challenges and sometimes even unexplainable disappointments....and then we devalue our own story thinking no one could possibly be interested in that.
Every child deserves a mother who reads her stories of adventure or tells him tales of far off places....and every mother deserves to raise her voice in truth.

Maybe...if enough of us raise our voices in story...if enough of us Rise as Moms through sharing our stories...the journey for the next mom or next generation of moms will be just a little bit easier. And as a mom - you know how BIG of a deal..just a little bit easier can be.

There is a silence so loud it’s suffocating mothers all over the world, and there’s only one force powerful enough to pierce the silence and save the day...(at least until tomorrow when you might have to save it all over again...) and that’s telling something that seems so simple your story.
We know it’s scary. We’ll be with you every step of the way and so will every other Rising Mom. Now it’s time to tell your story.
Now it's time to tell your story
Created By
Janette Valentino


Created with images by WalkingGeek - "Child & Mom" • Andrew Mason - "iRiver Story eBook Reader Review" • jasonbolonski - "Storytime" • Samuel Mann - "Bottle-top pavement" • crkmaga - "mom graffiti the art of"

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