The Bodybuilder The Hillside Baptist Church Newsletter

New Members

Here’s some exciting news! Within the next month it looks like we’ll introduce 9 new adult members. I say adult, because 8 of these folks are 4 couples that bring kiddos with them. What a blessing! God is laying it on hearts to not only join us weekly for worship, but to join our family in membership. Really what that means is that they are publicly committing to the family, as the Hillside family commits to them.

Membership might be something you haven't even thought about or maybe something you don't even understand. If you'd like to know more about it, then I want to invite you to click the button below and watch the couple of videos on our website. They might help shed some light on what membership is and what membership at Hillside looks like.

That's not all the good news. Keep scrolling!


That's right. We've got some baptisms coming. In fact, we'll be baptizing 2 people this coming Sunday, September 13th, right after the regular worship gathering! God is so good. It's looking like we will also have one more baptism later in the month with the exact date TBD. This is a super special time in the lives of these folks as they make that public declaration that they believe Christ lived, suffered, died, and rose again for their salvation from the penalty, power, and ultimately presence of sin!

Something to keep in mind... The more the merrier. Don't ever feel like because the number 2 is written here that it's set in stone. If you'd like to be baptized and proclaim your belief in Jesus publicly in obedience to Jesus, or if you would simply like to know more, go ahead and tap on that button below and check it out.

Our Servant Identity

Audio/Visual Team

The A/V Team is the team that works hard to get rid of distraction each Sunday morning so the family can focus on worshiping our great King! With the changes brought about by COVID-19 they’ve had live-streaming added to their plate. They are looking for another person to share the load.

If you’re familiar with tech or a natural troubleshooter this might be a great fit for you. If you’d like to know more, grab Becky Grunden Sunday morning, or text/call her at 701-805-8050.

Children’s Church Team

We’re working on rebuilding our Children’s Church ministry and we're very close to pulling the trigger and starting it up again! This is a great opportunity to serve both the many growing children and parents each Sunday morning during our Worship Gathering. The curriculum is provided and there will be a rotation so you wouldn't be serving every week or even every other week.

So, if you’re not afraid of youngsters and you’d like to serve the family in this way, reach out to the office at office@hillsidebaptist.org or 701-225-6252.

*All of our children’s ministry workers must be able to pass a background check before beginning their service.

Other Serving Areas to Consider...

Website & Social Media is an area that sometimes gets overlooked. If you have a gospel-centered social media presence, you're relevant with culture, and interested in helping out in this area grab Pastor Rob after a worship gathering and chat about it.

AWANA is about to kick off for this year and though they are nearly set up with helpers, there is ALWAYS room for more help. If you're Sunday nights are free and you're not afraid of children 😜... Well, this may just be a good spot to dive in and serve. Contact Melody Zimmerman for a better picture of the opportunities within AWANA (melody_zim@hotmail.com).

Community Group leaders are always a need. This is something that obviously requires a certain level of leadership ability, spiritual maturity, and commitment to our vision at Hillside; however, it is a need we have. We have a group that only recently multiplied into two and already those two groups are pretty cramped for space. Great problem to have, but it creates a need at the same time. Reach out to Pastor Rob for more info on this one as well.

Part of our being a "light" in the darkness means that we look for opportunities to serve those around us. We intentionally observe the culture and work on solutions or specific ways we can step in and speak the gospel into everyday life. Take a look below at a couple of the things we're looking at for the fall.
Community Meal

2020 has been a difficult year to say the least. We've struggled through it. Some more than others have had to deal with the hardships of COVID-19 and shutdowns and job loss. There have been people throughout our town who have been laid off simply due to the struggles going on nationally.

We've seen this struggle. And we want to help. So, beginning September 25th, we want to provide a meal for the community each month. This will be an opportunity for us to serve those within our Hillside family AND those in Dickinson who are dealing with job loss, financial hardship, or who are simply overwhelmed at the stress and tension around us and just need a night out with their family. This will take place between 6 and 8 PM on Friday, September 25th. And, who knows, if all goes well and this seems to be a good way to help and serve, we may just do this monthly!

If you want to help with this or simply want more information about it, contact Rob on Facebook or email at robertgrunden@live.com.

Appreciation Dinner

With all that's currently going on in the nation we are working on an appreciation dinner for our first responders and elected officials in Dickinson. This event is still in its infancy so there aren't much in the way of details yet. This will be in October and more details will follow.

If this is something that you'd like to help with or learn more about then contact Jake Schumann at 701-690-9592.

Last but not least...

Here are some other things going on this fall.

Women's Bible Study kicks off Thursday, September 10th. They'll be working their way through Hebrews using the "Better" study, created by Jen Wilkin. For more info on this study check out the Facebook Event Page and to purchase your study guide click here.

Adult Sunday School has been a journey through the Apostles' Creed most recently. We have 6 more weeks of that and then we'll begin a new 12 week series on the Doctrine of God using Wayne Grudem's Systematic Theology as a guide for discussion (more details to follow on that). For any who don't know this is 9:00 AM each Sunday morning before our regular worship gathering.

We'll have a special guest on Sunday, September 20th. Randy Jaspers and his wife, Kristy, will be with us that week. Randy will be doing the preaching and will be facilitating a bit of a formal installation of Rob as the pastor.


Love God. Love Others. Serve the World.