Kicked out by beth goobie


  • Dime main charterer girlfriend of Gabe sister of Darren her best friend is Tiff.
  • Darren brother of Dime parents favorite business man.
  • Tiff Dimes friend only child outgoing kind like a sister to Dime.
  • Gabe boyfriend of Dime trouble maker bad boy really cute popular guy in high school.


Dime is the main chariter and she got a boyfriend Gabe and he was a bad boy and caused trouble.Dime moved in with her brother Darren because her parents couldn't handle her much longer and when they went to Darren's house she called Gabe and her friend Tiff. The next day Dime woke up to the phone her mom was on the phone her mom yelled at her through the phone and then Gabe took her out and he started yelling at her and she walked away and Gabe came back to take her home but didn't say sorry.The next day Dime made supper and Darren was on the phone with their mom the next day dime went to school with Tiff and saw Gabes ex Tiff said that Gabes ex wanted to fight her.During her next class Dime was thinking about Gabes ex wanting to fight her and said to herself that she has been in a lot of fights and she thought of fighting Gabes ex because she has been in fights before so she could take her and another part of her is telling her not to fight Gabes ex but she doesn't want to be a chicken and not fight she wanted to look strong and fight but didn't want to be the one to get in trouble.The next day she diesided not to go to school she stayed home and did nothing and Tiff called and asked Dime why she wasn't in school Dime lied and said that she was sick and she wasn't sick but didn't want Tiff to worry about her.The next day Dime went to school and saw Gabe with Tiff and met up with them Gabe asked Dime where were she was Dime said she was "sick" even though she wasn't and they went to class and passed Gabes ex. During the next class Dime was doing an experiment for bio and her partner was Gabes ex she presented that she wouldn't talk her Dime just did the work while Gabes ex did the experiment so they wouldn't have to talk.After bio she went to her next class like nothing happened and just ignored it. At the end of the day Dime went home and did the assignment at home and made supper for Darren and herself and


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