Cyclone lets learn

All About Cyclones

Definition: A system of winds rotating toward a low atmospheric pressured area. Typically in the tropic, or a sub- tropic area.
Cyclones normally occur in the South Pacific and Indian ocean
In normal areas the cyclones are considered Typhoons, in the Southwestern pacific they are considered severe tropical Cyclones, because of the harsh weather conditions

All About Cyclone Shelters

Cyclone shelters welcome everyone who might be in danger due to these terrible situations. They provide a first line of defence against cyclones. These shelters can hold up to 3000 indangered people. Although it might be pretty squishy it does the job.
In some cases though, there have been signs of leaky roofs during the storms, although no one was injured due to it.
You can stay in these shelters for up to 18 hours, but you'd be cramped with strangers that could potentially become your friends and house mates for the short or long time being.
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