how to heal the word Valeria Labra Torres 2ºESO B


The environment is the sum total of all surroundings of a living organism, including natutals forces and other living things, wich provide conditions for the development and growth as well as of danger and damage.


Our environment is constantly changing. There is no denying that. Howere as our environment changes , so does the need to become increasingly aware of the problem that surround it. With a massive influx of natural disasters, warming and cooling, differents types of weathers patterns and much more, people need to be aware of that types of environmental problems our planet is facing.

Global warming has become an undesputed fact about our corrent livelihoods; our planet is warming up and we are definitely part of the problem. Howere, this isn't the only environmental problem thas we should be concerned about. All across the world people are facing a wealth of new and challenging envireonmental problem every day. Somes of them are small and only affect a few ecosystems, but others are drastically changing the landscape of what we already know.


The animals also suffer wiht the environmental problems . This affect much them because we contaminate a lot our planet withaut think the concecuences. Sometimes the animals eat our rubbish for example : pastic bags,plastic bottles , cans frizzy drinks...


To heal environment we can recicled and consume less . We can use biodegradable thing .For to recicled we can separate the plastic, metal, glass, paper, oil... Also we can ride a bike instead of go in the car because it is most contaminate, to buy organic products or grow them with urbans vegetals garden. The best of the environment is that we heal there .


The renewable energy are alternative of energy that not cotaminate .They use and take advantage of natural power of environment to make green energy. In Canary Island the usest are :wind energy ,hydraulic energy and solar energy . Actually, we are studying other types of energy how geothermal and tidal wave. we have a good example wiht green energy ,"El Hierro Island"



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