Live The Change We Seek #LiveChange

Moving forward as U.S. citizens of good conscience we will find our truest power as humans, lies in our natural connection to each other as well as to the lands we share. Nurturing an authentic culture of inclusion over one of greed driven exclusion is the change many of us seek. However, acheiving such change also requires us to be mindful of transforming ourselves. LIVE THE CHANGE WE SEEK, is an annual celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and other human rights luminaries whose legacies can help us navigate dark times. LIVE THE CHANGE WE SEEK is also a grassroots social campaign for life, rooted in the notion that "we must walk social change if we are to talk social change." The official launch of this campaign is January 16, as part of our MLK, Jr Celebration in historic downtown Snoqualmie.



In his 1967 speech entitled Beyond Vietnam: A Time to Break Silence, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke of our nation’s need to “undergo a radical revolution of values.” Inspired by the renewed spirit of visionaries like King and the commitment of our Standing Rock family, LIVE THE CHANGE WE SEEK calls for a connected series of revolutionary acts to be carried out in our communities, workplaces, homes and hearts throughout 2017. The more those acts begin to transform our lifestyles the better, as the goal of this campaign is to intentionally grow more open and aware in mind, soul and action.

We may not all be ready to march or able to invest our time or money in social change. We may not all be ready for revolution; but we can commit a revolutionary act. If you closed your bank account because their investments conflict with your ideals, that’s a revolutionary act. If you deliberately spend 40% of monthly household budget with local business people who support your community, that’s a revolutionary act. Growing our own food is a revolutionary act. Simply standing in solidarity with someone facing verbal assaults is a revolutionary act. Connect those acts together and experience just how much power we have when WE LIVE THE CHANGE WE SEEK.

Post your revolutionary act on social media with


If the spirit moves you, add a statement of inspiration and still image(s) or video which reflect your revolutionary act.

Whether through counseling, through writing,through quiet or loud conversations around the dinner table, or conversations at the water cooler, you can begin to reach out. Through your own revolutionary acts, you can live the change you seek.
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