Christian missionaries in Africa

Settlement in Africa began in the 1800s.Slave trade was popular at the time and missionary work was a way to try and take the focus off of slave tradeMissionaries in Nigeria were used to improve trade between Africa and EuropeThe most important thing was to convert or introduce people to ChristianityThey used converts to push other tribe members to want to convertBy the 1900s missionaries played an important role in African history(Julia )

There were early Christians in Africa such as Ethiopia.But the major recent was in the early 1800s ,Catholic missionaries were spreading their word in the west. Protestants took action in Africa to compete with them. To spread the word of God to people of Africa( BBC)

Pros and cons

Pros:Slaves were freed, people were educated,

Cons: People were forced to change, Missionaries destroyed their culture so like their traditions, statues,etc..


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