Nature By Jessica Pearce

Nature on Display

Cave Exhibit, Florida Museum of Natural History.

I thought the cave exhibit was cool and interesting. It had a neat design because it looked exactly like what I imagine a real cave looks like. I enjoyed being able to walk through the cave and feel like I was immersed in nature. Instead of looking at a picture of a cave or observing the cave from the distance, walking through it enabled me to experience nature. It also enabled me to learn more about caves and cave life. If I had observed a cave from far away, I would have never discovered what the inside looks like or truly experienced the environmental aspect.

Nature and ethics

Meyer, Scott. Butterflies from the Mist. 2004, translucent stones, Florida Museum of Natural History.

Along with the butterfly rainforest, this small butterfly exhibit highlighted the majesty of butterflies, which helped me appreciate, love, and respect them. I thought this exhibit offered a nice complement to the butterfly rainforest because it truly captured the beauty of butterflies and thus the beauty of nature. As I walked through the museum and observed exhibits like this one, I felt a oneness with and respect for nature. I got the sense that I was not a "conqueror," but a member of the natural world. The museum allowed others and myself to experience nature firsthand; I walked through the cave and interacted with butterflies. Seeing these natural phenomenons up close instilled an ethical responsibility within me because I was able to understand how important nature is and the lengths we should take to preserve it.

Nature and the human spirit

The Hall of Florida Fossils: Evolution of Life and Land, Florida Museum of Natural History.

This exhibit was particularly powerful to me. I saw the hugeness and majesty of these shark mouths. Ordinarily, I would never be able to experience or see nature like this. Through experiencing this exhibit, I understood how small and fragile I was compared to the large, strong forces of nature.

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