Cellular Respiration timber Bossard

Chemical formula and type of reaction

The chemical formula for cellular respiration is (C6H12O6+6O2->6CO2+6H2O+38 ATP) and it is a catabolic reaction.

Major steps in glycolysis

Glycolysis is the first step to both cellular respiration and fermentation, meaning it can occur both with and without oxygen. Without Oxygen is called anaerobic and with is called aerobic. Glycolysis takes place in the cytoplasm and all living organisms go through this. It turns from glucose to pyruvic acid, or in chemical formula terms it turns from 6CH12O6 to 2C3H4O3. 4 ATP are made but two are taken, leaving us with a net gain of 2 ATP.

Glycolysis cycle

Major steps of the Krebs Cycle

The Krebs Cycle is the second step to cellular respiration. This takes place in the Matrix of the Mitochondria. In this, pyruvate acid is broken down into carbon dioxide and NADH are made. FADH2 is also made, which is similar to ATP and NADH. After that 2 more ATP are released. Major inputs are pyruvate and major outputs are water.

Krebs Cycle

Major steps to the ETC

This is known also as oxidative phosphoryiation. This occurs in the cristae of the mitochandia. It uses the NADH and the FADH2 from the previous cycle in this to carry electrons. ADP is then converted into ATP using the high energy electrons from the krebs cycle. In this cycle oxygen is a reactant and water is a product. It also comes out with a product of 34 ATP.


Importance of Cellular Respiration

Cellular respiration is the provider of energy for all living things and organisms. All living things use this to continue achieving everyday functions. If it were not for cellular respiration, we would not be living creatures what so ever. Everyone from complex human systems, all the way to single cell bacteria organisms use and need this cycle.

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