Nine senior athletes sign letters of intent to play at their respective universities By: nina Shearrill and Max Dike

Nine student athletes participated in the spring signing day ceremony on Feb. 5 at NC. Read on to see what sport they will be playing, where and why.

Isabel Kochanek (left) and Olivia Niego (right)

“I knew I wanted to be closer to home and play soccer,” -Isabel Kochanek (Purdue University Northwest, soccer)

“I really liked the location. It’s a smaller Lutheran school. It’s on a beautiful campus that overlooks Lake Michigan, which is really cool.” -Olivia Niego (Concordia University -Wisconsin, lacrosse)

Arthur Chatt (left) and Sam Rodriguez (right)

“I took a visit and it’s a big school field but still small. It’s close to home, but not too close; it’s just a phone call away. And the alumni [are] always giving back to the community."-Arthur Chatt (Illinois Wesleyan University, football)

“They have a high class football program and great academics. It’s really the best of both worlds.” -Sam Rodriguez (Drake University, football)

Adrien Dumas

“It has an amazing business program. The coaching staff has a lot of experience and they work well together,” -Adrien Dumas (Benedictine University, baseball)

Lily Courier

“The family aspect, the coaches and team felt like a second home,” -Lily Courier (Lewis University, basketball)

From right to left (seated): Charlie Henehan, Chris Clarke, Rodriguez, Chatt

“The fact that I can play football there and my older brother is there so we can be together; it’s a familiar place,” -Charlie Henehan (Grinnell University, football)

“The academics at there, I didn’t want to pass that up,” -Chris Clarke (University of Chicago, football)

Sam Peters

“The coaching staff and the players, I just really had a good time out there,” -Sam Peters (George Mason University, volleyball)

From left to right (seated): Courier, Chatt, Rodriguez, Clarke, Henehan


Nina Shearrill