4A#19 J.D. Maloney

A Fascinating Journey to America Told by a Swedish Desk Clerk

My name is Henry Redding and I came from Sweden. I came to America in 1907. Let me tell you all about my journey. Well my family was first leaving our home to get on the boat early in the morning. We were checked and then found our spots in the steerage. Down there it was smelly and crammed. Almost everyone there had the plague. On our third night we had rotten food so me and George, my brother decided to sneak up to the first class. Then we heard footsteps so we hid behind some barrels. We thought it was a sailor but it turned out it was a fellow my age. His name was Morten Berchten. It turned out that he was getting food too. So we helped each other. We found some fresh water and some nice lobster tails. We were sneaking back down the stairs and we saw a shadow... it was a boy about my age. His name was Anthony Smiley. I told him to meet up at the lookout tower. My father later that night fell in love with a woman named Kristin Berchten. He introduced her to my siblings. I am sorry I didn't tell you my mom was captured by a pair of criminals and no one could find her. I fell a sleep right after he introduced her. By the time I woke up I could see the statue of liberty. Everyone was up by the railing that morning so Morten and went up to the lookout deck where no one else was. The statue was beautiful and when I first saw it I felt free again. We finally reached Ellis Island and it was not even crowded there. There were so many stops we had to take. My least favorite one was the button hook. The stranger took a fish hook and turned my eye over! I wanted to cry so bad but I didn't want to cry in front of the others. After a few more stops I was all set to go. I got tickets for a train to Alabama. It was a long ride but I managed. I got off the train and my cousin Bobby McGee picked me up. He drove me to his apartment after that. After a week I found a job as a desk clerk. I bought a mansion with all of my savings. Now I am 25 years old and I am living a great life.

(left to right) The Swedish and American flag, The Statue of Liberty, The Sweden map.

The statue of liberty is a monument in the New York Harbor.

It stands for liberty, independence, and friendship.

It was a gift from France.

The Statue of liberty took over 20 years to plan, design, and build.

  • I liked the virtual tour.
  • I learned a lot from the Brainpop video.
  • I loved when we learned about the stops.

These are my sources....Ellis Island Interactive Tour, BrainpopJr Statue of Liberty, and Google Images.


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