Feudal Japan By: MAHAM ANWAR

Feudal System

One of the most things used in a civilization is the Feudal System you can be surprised how much we use it even now a days. Ancient Japan also used the Feudal System it was used to provide a living for the poor and to honor the rich. The Feudal System is to also gain more power, land, and wealth.

This helps the society by providing society a system or like a way of life. Because each person has a role in the system, peasants provide food and service to the shoguns, daimyo, and samurai. And the samurai provide protection to the peasants and shoguns and daimyo provide land and homes to the peasants. This is how the feudal system worked in Japan


A warrior a Samurai was a warrior that protected people like any other warrior. Samurais came from Ancient Japan in the Edo Period from (1603-1867).

The Samurai helped alot the Samurais jobs where endless. The Samurais where noble fighters who protected Japan and fought. Samurais used stuff to fight with like bow and arrows, spears, guns, but mostly swords. If Samurais weren't there to protect Japan would have fallen apart or token over.


Beauty was a key part of Japan. It helped women's bring out their beauty or express them in a way. It helped keep a image of a women in Japan.

It provides a image to the women's in Japan poor or rich a women had to be kept beautiful. If the women didn't keep a presentation she would be judged by the others of how she looks.



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