The Zoo By Alex

I was out playing with my drone, when it was suddenly, without warning, free falling. It's camera spun like crazy, and I noticed a hawk flying around over the drone. It must have thought the drone was something to eat!

I frantically pushed the controls. Just when it was about to hit the ground, the drone buzzed and just floated over the ground. Then it was being pulled down again. A little furry animal was pulling on the drone! I turned the camera and looked into a baby panda's face!

Why was there a panda? It looked like it was in it's natural habitat. But then I noticed bars around the habitat. I landed in a zoo! I saw a adult panda too. I realized I should probably get the drone out. Didn't want to distract the zoo goers.

I started moving down the zoo. I noticed a little pine cone start moving around. It was a pangolin! They are little mammals that look like a cross between a pine cone and a armadillo. They are cool animals.

I moved on. I saw a sloth in a tree. It was moving it's claws in a way that it looked like it was waving at the drone. I realized up I should probably go back home. So I left home, think of the animals I saw.

Created By
William Alex Rawson

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