Energy Conversions By Joyce #20 ^. ^

Types of Energy/Forms of Energy

There are many forms of energy such as light, sound, heat, electrical, mechanical, chemical, and nuclear. There are two types of energy, kinetic and potential. In our project, we saw both types of energy and and we used mechanical energy,(Kinetic) and we got that energy from our food, which is chemical energy.(Potential) Therefore, we saw two types of energy and two forms of energy.

Potential and Kinetic Energy

Energy Conversions

We saw energy conversions as in first potential, then kinetic. As in first, we used chemical energy to spin a crank which is then mechanical energy. Our food turned into energy which we used to spin a crank, and we pulled our load. Plus, there are hand warmers with two chemicals. We used our energy to shake it and after a while, two chemicals combined and it produced heat.

Food Pantry System

Our job is to move heavy loads into a food pantry without getting dead wiped out. We also must convert energy. We will be successful if we move boxes at least a foot/12 in. Our machine was successful (Yay) and we converted energy off with a crank using mechanical energy and chemical. We ate food giving us chemical energy and we spun a crank using mechanical energy. This meets a human need or want, in this case, want, and we want it because we can move heavy boxes without killing our body.

Results of The Test

As mentioned, our team was a success, and we learned a lot about energy such as how it converts and meeting needs and wants. For example, we learned how easy it is to use energy in machines than using boxes and bare hands.


I think we could have made our pulley go somehow faster. When we started to spin our pulley, it barely moved. We could also make ours get stuck less and more portable. When we picked ours up, a piece fell out and our machine sort of bent and I had to fix it. When we tested, the weight also got stuck on a block and I had to sort on move it out of the way. Otherwise, I think we did very good!

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