Ahead of our meeting, I want to provide your with a broad overview of where I've been, who I am, why I'm looking forward to our discussion and last but not least, what I believe I can bring to the table. So without further ado...

Who am I?

Born into a family of diplomats and NGO actors, I moved a lot; every couple of years. Kinshasa, Dakar, Lagos, Cotonou, Accra, Yaounde, New York, DC, Ottawa and Montreal, to name a few, are places that have shaped who I am and have greatly contributed to my career.

How I've honed my skills

My real first opportunity to dabble with the creative process happened 16 years ago, at a BBQ. I was offered the chance to join Trace Magazine as an intern in the advertising department. Needless to say that after my time at Trace, I got the itch!

My interest in how ideas come to life only kept growing and today, I've barely scratched the surface. After Trace came Nextasys, a studio that specialized in marketing motion pictures, then Segway Montreal where I oversaw external communications and got a few scars from zipping around the Old Port on my segway, Marketel where I handled print and web production on Rogers, Orangetango for which I spearheaded the agency's digital unit, and now Rinaldi where I ensure a fluid relationship between the agency and its clients as a supervisor.

In between my stints at the different agencies/organizations I've worked for, I launched a digital publication, coordinated the first Google Hangout in Central Africa, freelanced writing copy for agencies in Toronto and London and counselled a New York start-up.

Why Sid Lee?

To be perfectly honest, cause it makes sense! In watching you evolve over the years, from across the street or from afar, I've come to appreciate the quality of the work you pump out day in and day out. That quality speaks to a creative process that's been revisited, bent over and twisted with a simple yet difficult to attain driving principle: offer transformative experiences consistently!

None of this would be possible however, without a vision. That vision is what brings me here today. I want to fully grasp its tenets and add my voice to the mix. Lastly, your insistence on creating rich meaningful experiences, not accounting the artificial boundaries that exist presents a set of challenges that I welcome.

What have I got to offer?

An approach: Do work and stay humble, steady building!

Beyond that, a wealth of experience dealing with all kinds of clients and challenges, an evolving understanding of the consumer and 360° marketing. A keen sense of priority, an ease at building lasting relationships with both clients and internal teams, a global perspective, leadership and an ability to resist stressful situations.

Looking forward to discussing all this and more with you!

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