Jake - Ancient Explorations by Jake Abendroth

Welcome to Rome. I'll be your host, Jake Abendroth. Do you want to join me on an exploring adventure to the city of Rome? Let's get started.

Fun Fact: This was where people in China worshipped their god/goddess.

Fun Fact: The Chinese praised their Dragon and thought it was a symbol of good luck. That is why Chinese New Year was invented.

The hanging gardens of Babylon were a place of worship and sacrifices to their god. People went inside to make sacrifices and still do, because it is miraculously still standing.

Fun Fact: This Egyptian God, Anubis, ruled the underworld. He took place in weighing the heart of the person entering the underworld. If good, they can move forth. If bad, their heart gets eaten by Anubis's pet.

Fun Fact: The Colosseum is an amphitheater in the middle of the city Rome, in Italy. It is otherwise called the Flavian Amphitheater. It is the biggest amphitheater on the planet and thought to be one of the best Roman design and building works. It was used for an assortment of occasions and could hold 50,000 individuals.

That's all folks!!

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