Self-Designed Exhibit #2

Self Designed Exhibit #2

Managing Study Time

The Plan for my Exhibit

I chose to evaluate how i study for my exams in the class i am doing the best in which is my engineering class ENGR 1020. I hoped that by evaluating how i study and prepared for my best class I could change a few details to fit the criteria of my other classes that I have exams in.

Original Plan

When I am studying for my engineering exams I will typically start a week and a half before the exam. I will spend one hour during the week doing practice problems and studying for the exams. On the weekends I will spend two hours working practice problems and studying. The day of the exam I will do practice problems and get my note sheet ready.

Original Study Schedule

Revised Plan

I think that after looking at the elements that make up my study schedule for engineering which is one of most successful classes; I think that there are a few ways to become more efficient in my studying. I think that instead of doing my note sheet all on the day before the exam I could work on half of it on the weekend and half of it on the exam day. I think I should try and even out the times that I do practice problems and the times that I review my work. When I split up the time that I will be working on my note sheet it gives me more time to study on my exam day so hopefully that will be beneficial. I think that by evening out the time that I work on practice problems and the time I review my steps it will help me understand my process more and help me iron out the little mistakes.

Revised Study Schedule

Reflection of Exhibit

The main point of this self-designed exhibit is to see what I do to be successful and pass my exams in the class I am doing the best in and to take those study habits and alter them slightly so that I can use it to be more successful in all of my classes here at Clemson University I altered the way i was studying for my engineering exams by moving some of the time around so i could use more in some areas and less in others and i feel that it has balanced out my study time and that it will help me more. The key detail that I feel is most important is that I have a balanced study schedule so I don't spend to much time doing one thing and not enough on another. I think that now I will have a better idea of how to divide up my time when studying for each class and how to keep it balanced so that i don't burn myself out while studying.

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