Prairie du Chien Wisconsin

Current State

Clunky and ugly website, low res photos. Lot of charming happenings with no charm on display.
  • Logo: Non-existent? Some frilly, poorly-kerned type.
  • Website: Lots of information, presented dryly. It's overwhelming and there's no hierarchy.
  • Social media: They have Facebook, and are good candidates for using Adobe Spark.

Logo inspiration

I like the style of old serif wood type that is reminiscent of logging rafts on the Mississippi, and want to balance the blocky type with a river flowing through the letters

Prairie du Chien has not only the Mississippi River, but also lots of charming buildings and other sights that with good photography can pair well with bold text.

Color Pallette
Logo update!

I took one more step in the logo update by choosing a more modern font: Raleway.

Postcards are available at small businesses. Fill one out and send it to a friend who wishes they were here!

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