Good Life Tour of the Harn Maddie Hollifield

On February 10th I had the opportunity to explore the Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art. I thoroughly enjoyed my day and my adventure in the museum. Soaking in the art and the history behind the art was truly a lovely experience.

Medium of the Art

Okakagbe Masquerade Costume by Lawrence Ajanaku, Nigerian, 1928?-2014

Seeing the Okakagbe Masquerade Costume in person and viewing a picture online of the artwork were two completely different experiences. Having the opportunity to witness the beauty of the art in person brought the artwork to life. I was able to see the height of the art and able to soak in the fullness of the moment, something words just cannot really describe, but at the same time something also one is unable to do looking online at a picture of the art. I really enjoyed the artist's technique of using so much color in the fabrics that make up the artwork. The artwork brought a sense of awe and happiness to me personally. I also felt the artwork bring the culture of thousands of people to life. I felt the artist did a great job of representing an entire cultural group of people.

Design of the Museum

My favorite wing of the museum is the David A. Cotrin Asian Art Wing

My favorite wing of the entire museum is the David A. Cotrin Asian Art Wing. I personally enjoyed this wing so much because of the different gardens found within the wing. I also felt parts of this wing related to my personal core values as well, as you can read in the next page. Being in the gardens of this museum brought to me a peaceful feeling. This part of the museum was very quiet and serene. It allowed me to think and ponder multiple thoughts of several different things: such as the future and how to achieve my dreams. A majority of my time in this wing was spent outside, so the lighting was natural.

Core Values

One of the exhibits inside the Harn Museum appealed to my core values more than any other piece of art inside the museum- that exhibit being the Rock Garden Exhibit. Most people see giant rocks and think of well, just giant rocks. For me personally, the rock garden reminded me of home. Back home in Chattanooga, Tennessee, there are giant rocks pretty much everywhere. The church I grew up in was also named Solid Rock Baptist Church. These giant rocks reminded me of a strong love and deep connection with many people dear to my heart. They reminded me of my goals in life and of the reasons why I am even attending college. These simple giant rocks reminded me of my personal faith and religion; of the God I choose to serve. They reminded me of an entire city. These rocks reminded me of mountains of peace and mountains of hope. Just rocks reminded me of who I am and the character that I have become. These rocks symbolized ideal love: love built upon a giant foundation- such as a solid rock.

The Good Life

American, Nancy Graves. 1994.

The artwork I felt best represented the good life is the American by Nancy Graves. I felt it best represented the theme "Celebrating the Good Life." I absolutely love this piece of art. When I look at it, the art screams everything that should go into celebrating the good life. I look at this and I see patriotism, culture, joy, hope, and love. The purple stones look like birds to me. I believe they could be song birds and symbolize peace. The artwork appreciates and celebrates the good life.

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