10K 2X music video

Push out shot of Ash passed out waking up somewhere eg bathroom alone

Darling mansion bathroom

Wake up from haze go to studio room

Room A

Set up: in the darling mansion with a red room and studio equiptment set up.

Room B

Insert shots are quick cuts of details set up in the room: drinks, drugs, girls, fashion.

Establishing detail shots
Shots separated by black inserts

Medium shot of Ash getting up with quick close up cuts following the beat.

Mansion stairs

After establishing shots you see Ash getting up, dusting yesterday off and making his way down the stairs. This montage is made up of close shots insynx with the beat

Scene option

From down the stairs we move to a pop of color filling it with people doing things eg drinking, doing drugs, dancing

Wide shot of Ash in the room full of people playing 10k 2x interacting with people

Party room shots
Centre shot have Ash spin around

We can move to a POV shot of Ash spinning in the chair

Camera movements are intoxicated as well following Ash in a day.

Ending scene

Ash collapses back to his initial position in the shape of a cross falling in the bed in exhaustion.

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