Food & Grocery Delivery & Pickup Services

While Pennsylvania's stay at home orders have been lifted, it is still recommended we socially distance when we can and there are many options for still getting the food you need without having to leave the house or physically going into a restaurant or grocery store. Based on the area you live in, different services will be available to you, but here are a few to check out. If placing a grocery order online it is recommended you do this with plenty of advance notice before you actually need your groceries...plan your meals out and order your groceries 1-2 weeks in advance.

Grocery Pick and and Delivery Services

Restaurant Food Ordering Apps and Websites (for carry-out and delivery)

Some places you may not have thought of!

If you are local to Delaware County, Swiss Farms Drive-Thru Market is still operating. No need to leave your car to get that loaf or bread or gallon of milk. Check out their website for online ordering options, to view their fresh made meal options and to find a location most convenient to you https://swissfarms.com/
If you are local to Delaware County, the Chamber of Commerce has created a Delco Guide to Local Carry-Out Establishments. Includes a map and the necessary contact info to order. Also details if they establishment is open for pick-up, delivery or both! https://www.delcochamber.org/
And check out The Infatuation-Philadelphia for categorized food guides for Philadelphia. You can also subscribe to their newsletter for happenings in Philly (virtually for now...and back in person in the future). https://www.theinfatuation.com/philadelphia
If you are living in the Greater Lehigh Valley area, check out The Chamber's website that highlights businesses who are offering new and creative ways to get their products and services to you in this time of change. https://www.lehighvalleychamber.org/open.html?fbclid=IwAR17yJhmnxCv02EZ3lcrB9W8Awe2X5WpX4KoeJMz5BJAV1SQWyC-68GRqVA
Check out this database of over 150 Black-owned restaurants in Philly! Pictures: Levi Scott Sr. at Crimson Cafe in West Philadelphia; Screenshot from Charles Rumford's map.


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