The thought of visiting The Florida Museum of Natural History intrigued me and I was interested in touring what the museum has to offer. I am fascinated with works of nature and I find it interesting to learn about the aspects of history. Even though I have not visited a museum in a long time, I was still excited to visit the museum as it had to deal with the natural world. As I toured the exhibits with my friend, I learned a lot about the natural history about the state of Florida and how it connects to our lives. Overall, it was an amazing experience learning about the natural world around us in which we live in.

Nature on Display

One exhibit that really appealed to me was the underwater exhibit of the museum. In order to fully immerse us into the experience, the exhibit was shrouded in a dark blue light with the shadows of the waves and the sounds of water. The way in which the exhibit was created made me feel as if I was truly inside the ocean. I felt as if I was exploring the ocean itself rather than just simply walking through a tunnel. By making it in this manner, it made me understand how different the water ecosystem is compared to life on land. It made me realize that the ocean is a lot more dark and seemingly unknown compared land. The exhibit gave a sense of vast unknown due to how dark it was. The only true was to appreciate the full characteristics of the ocean is in the same manner in which the exhibit did.

Nature and Ethics

Walking through all the exhibits in the museum made me appreciate the true beauty of nature. How the natural world was displayed in the museum allowed all the visitors to connect with nature as they all looked in awe when they viewed the exhibits. At the same time, the exhibits reminded us the importance of taking care of the natural world. When I continued to walk through the museum with my friend, I felt amazed by the true beauty of ecosystems displayed and informed as well. Graphics were included in the museum to serve as a reminder that we must take care of the Earth. For example, one graphic in the main lobby was conveying to us the negatives of global warming and how it could negatively impact our health. Putting these giant displays showcases the importance of taking care of out planet to the public.

Nature and The Human Spirit

By walking through the museum, I learned just how important the natural world served in our lives. I realized how much it was needed in order for our survival. The museum exhibited artifacts and showcased how people in the past needed nature in order to live and survive. For example, the Native Americans that lived in Florida depended on a river in order to survive. The river was their lives and without it, they would not get the resources such as food and water that they need. It was so important that they would have rituals near the river. Through this, I realized that if it was not for the bounty of the natural world, then we would not be standing where we are today. The displays in the museum conveys to us just how important nature played in the lives of people in the past and that we must continue to cherish the beauty of the natural world.


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