Alex Morgan Renaissance Women

Alex Morgan: Is A national soccer player and is the youngest on her team...:))))- she is #13 on her jersey and is married to Servando Carrasco💙⚽️❤️

⚽️"Shoot and score"⚽️
⚽️⚽️⚽️All she does is soccer⚽️⚽️⚽️

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Alex Morgan

Above everything that Alex Morgan did and succeeded at, she is a person so there are things that makes her who she is and what makes her human.

First of all, Alex Morgan has had many exceptional accomplishments, that have made her a better soccer player, such as going to training camps, and got the chance to go to the( world cups) to help out the U.S team in 2011,(which a little while after that she got a spot on the team because the team saw how well she played, and how much soccer influences her).A matter of fact, she got to score her 1st goal on the 82nd minute of one of the games at the World Cup .

Not only did she have some really amazingly amazing events happen to her, she also had some really uncomfortable moments in her life, mostly injuries. She almost at one point in her carrier, wouldn't be able to walk or play soccer again because she tore her ACL, tried to cure it, but it kept on getting really painful after a while, and she almost gave up(it did finally heal). Which one thing she has suggested is (one of her famous quotes)”never give up, keep on trying”. She also said that if you don't succeed, you won't be happy in life, and of course everyone could agree on that. She also had a struggle with her was once at the time boyfriend about how they never had many chances to be together, so they finally got a chance to talk it out and they actually got engaged, and married.

So out of all the tough times she’s been through, she has made many, many impossible events possible, because she believed and she was happy, and sometimes you just have to have a bad thing happen to you so you can get an unfortunate sacrifice happen to you. Moving on, Alex was 14 when she started playing soccer, because she was involved with other sports as well such as, baseball, volleyball and many others. Later on she felt like she didn't belong in the world of baseball, so she tried soccer and she loved it, that's when she knew that soccer was her thing. Later on in life, when it were those times of picking a college, she chose to go to California, but in high school she got many offers. When she graduated college, the U. S team offered her a spot to play, and that was her dream job. So of course she said yes, and became very successful.

On the women's national soccer team, the total world cups they have won are 3. To sum everything up, Alex Morgan is the best soccer player in this world, I know that because she is so interesting and her past is a lot of what I went through with her coaches not treating her like she deserves to be on the teams, so I have some connection with her because that kinda same thing happened to me. So yes she is the best.

*Alex Morgan's goals❤️⚽️🙌🏽⚽️❤️

Most of my facts are from her biography on herself, and from the internet of Wikipedia.

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- The above hipper link, links you to her biography book that I have read on how she has lived her life as a soccer player.

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