Reagan Era By: Jalee Rollins


  • War on Drugs
  • Reagan increased punishments and penalties for drug charges
  • Reagan's wife launched the "Just Say No" campaign to influence people not to do drugs
  • AIDS
  • Spread quickly
  • A lot of effort was put forth for the research for a cure
  • this brought attention to gay rights and drug abusers
  • Civil Rights
  • African Americans were able to vote and to be a part of political positions thanks to Reagan
  • Reagan was against abortion; federal ban
  • Leagalized school prayer
  • Women were able to work more jobs than before
  • Equal rights amendment was defeated
  • Wealth Gap
  • Gap grew exponentially
  • Wages remained stagant
  • Top 5th of America's income increased 23%
  • Bottom 5th American's income increased 9%


  • Conservative Shift
  • motivated by the fear of excessive federal spending/power
  • emphasized opposition to abortion, Equal Rights Amendment, homosexuals and pornography
  • Cold War
  • increased military spending
  • SDI (Strategic Defense Inattentive): a space-based nuclear defense system that increased nuclear weapons
  • Iran-Contra Affair
  • US sold arms to Iran
  • Iran under arms embargo
  • US gives arms to Contra to free 6 hostages


Reaganomics: Ronald Reagan's policies that go along with the Supply-Side economic theory. The trickle down theory comes from this. This is when 10% of the rich people get a tax break. They use the tax break to invest into other companies. The lower and middle classes are then able to find jobs and begin working.


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