Arikara tribe By: Andrew

The Arikara tribe lives in South and North Dakota between the grand and Cannonball River

Men clotjing breechcloths, fringed buckskin tunics or shirts and leggings warm buffalo robes or cloak

Women clothes are knee length dress and leggings buffalo robes
Arts and craft are pottery, Basket, glass working, bead work
The food the Arikara eat corn, sunflower, beans, pumpkins, and squash. Meat fish, bison, deer, elk, bear, wild turkey, root, vegetalbes, spinach, prairie turnips, and potatoes, melon
The Arikara tribe lives in Earth lodges it's a permanent home built over the top is covered with Earth
The weapons that the Arikara use were the Bows and Arrows clubs, spears. The tools were farm equipment, pottery, cooking, vessels utensils from buffalo parts...
The transportation that Arikara use was they built bowl-shaped raft they can't go fast and they can carry lots of weight

Roles of children, men, and women the men were: hunters, went to war, chief, storytell, play music. Women were farmers, take care of children, mostly cooked the food, storytellers, and play music. children play with each other, went to school, and helped around with horses like to go hunting and fishing

The language that the Arikara spoke was caddoan language here are two words and what they mean in English grandfather-atipa and apple Apos

The Arikara religion is During ceremony's some of the men fast, mother corn ceremony represented by a ceder tree during the ceremony women imitated the process of planting and harvesting crops


  • Are the Arikara tribe still active today? Yes, Arikara are still living in North and South Dakota
  • Do the Arikara tribe have enemies and allies? Yes the Arikara tribe allies are Mandan and Hidatsa there enemies are sometime their neighbors Mandan, Hidatsa, and crows

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